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  1. Hi just wanted to say thanks for making the effort, it's always good when someone takes the time to try and fix something thats been left broken. Looks like the one major biggie remaining is SATA dvd drives. THought it might be worth mentioning what happens incase you can think of something that might cause it. It's strange since I installed 10.5.6 with my SATA DVD drive even though Disk Utility doesn't list it in the OSX installer. the OSX profiler in utilities lists the DVD drive correctly and the drive shows in disk utility, the eject button on desktop works to open and close the drawer, but when I put a dvd in the drive locks up for a good 15 minutes and eventually says its empty. In that whole time that the drive locks up, the burner doesn't show in profiler, and the eject button on desktop has the spinning color wheel when you mouse over. I guess this is the problem everyone else with a SATA DVD drive is having problems with.
  2. Xtreme Gamer here, adding my support to this topic That's really interesting. I've only been at the hackintosh thing for 3 days and it looks like my x-fi Extreme Gamer card is going to be the final hurdle. I really like this card, for years I didn't buy a creative after experiencing the SBlive value and seeing their drivers and support were abysmal for the last few years. Then I got Win 7 and saw that my local store had Refurbished Gamer cards for $40. Was completely blown away. Latest drivers are great and much better than the internal ALC8xxx on my Mobo. Just hope someone with the skills will give these cards some love