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  1. ATi HD5000 BootLoader !

    I have an ATI Radeon HD 5550, I've been using Hackintosh for over a year but I can't seem to get this working, even with your bootloader, I've tried every framebuffer with my bios rom but none work, could anyone help? Thanks
  2. Hey, sorry for replying here but I have no where else to turn to lol. I bought an Nvidia Geforce GT 240 graphics card, now I've been a follower of OSX86 for over a year, and until recently I had it working perfect, but since I've got this new graphics card, I've had nothing but trouble. I've tried searching on the net for GT 240 osx86 help but no one seems to have the card lol. When I boot into Mac, the resolution is 1024x768 and there's no effects at all. I assume it's the graphics drivers, but I've tried EFI studio, GraphicsEnabler, and nothing has worked, I was just wondering if anyone on here could help me, thanks.