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  1. Bluetooth keyboard emulator

    http://www.mulliner.org/bluetooth/xkbdbthid.php This program emulates a HID device using the linux bluetooth stack. It's slightly bitrotted - took some poking to get going on my system (ubuntu hardy). I needed to install libbluetooth-dev, libxmp-dev, libopenobex-dev (and perhaps others that I already had installed). You also need to comment out the function sdp_set_add_access_protos, on line 119 of sdp.c - it appears that function is now part of libbluetooth. I the program runs (pokes some settings related to the bluetooth device, brings up an on screen keyboard) but I haven't been able to get it working as a keyboard for my device (a n800). Goodluck
  2. Hello, I've got a bcm4312 card. it appears to work, however, when trying to associate with my wpa1 network, it instantly fails - I don't think it's trying to associate, as "connection failed" appears instantly after typing in the password. Any ideas?
  3. Hacked PS/2 Driver :)

    @babaev thanks for your help. I succesfully used your PS2 driver to get the keyboard working on my LG LW40 Express laptop; previously I was experiencing problems similar to those you reported, where the keyboard would not respond after booting OSX. on a different topic, do you run linux on your LW laptop? If so, does it use the Intel HD audio for it's sound, and have you been able to get that working under linux? I have been running ubuntu, and despide getting everything else working over the past month, I havn't had any sucess with sound. feel free to email me joel.stan at gmail.com if you have any suggestions. thanks again
  4. Keyboard Woes

    from what I can gather (from reading through and searching the forum), using a PS/2 keyboard with a USB mouse means the PS/2 drivers fail to load. You either need a USB keyboard to go with your USB mouse, or a PS/2 mouse to go with your PS/2 keyboard. On a related note, does anyone know why a laptop, with a synaptics touchpad and keyboard which both report being attached on a PS/2 bus (by windows), would have the touchpad working fine under aqua, and no keyboard? thanks in advance