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  1. Benefits of upgrading to Lion?

    I have several working hacks running 10.6.5, see signature if you want details. Everything is fine. Stable, speed. We are so happy with the hacks we are about to buy a MacAir. But, what are the benefits of upgrading to Lion (10.7)? I enjoyed performing the first hack and then replicating it for other computers, but I'm not interested in "hacking" to see if I can again. Thanks, RDuke
  2. Dell Inspiron 545 Hackintosh

    It may not help but this link is for my install on a Dell 545. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=193277 I'm at 10.6.5 now. I have gma3100 graphics working at 1280x1024 on one of 3.
  3. 10.6.4 successfully installed. Installed the latest version of the myHack boot manager previous referenced. installed it with the same options checked and unchecked as in earlier instructions. I ran the 10.6.4 combo update from both 10.6.0 and 10.6.2 installs and worked like a charm on all 3 computers. I ran the system updater and updated everything but 10.6.5. World of Warcraft required 10.6.4 to take advantage of improved graphics. No problems yet.
  4. I didn't try anything but reinstall 10.6.2 since it was first week of update. I was waiting on more info from others. Sorry
  5. Try this MyHack- "myHack Installer 1.0 RC5.2 Released", http://osx86.sojugarden.com/2010/02/myhack...rc5-2-released/ For PC details see my sig. For more specific steps I have used see http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...93277&st=20 post #34. It's not the same Dell but I have repeated it on 3 similar dells and it works. I have updated specific steps written somewhere if you post back you need them
  6. Update did not work for me. 10.6.2 10.6.2 Vanilla using myHack on Two Dell Inspirion 545's, Q9400 Quad 4, 8GB, Linksys WUB600N -- Stock all but wireless.
  7. Beware 10.6.3 crashed one of my stock 545's Beware
  8. Most addictive Mac games

    WOW and WOW
  9. Wow 3.3 Patch Kernel

    I changed to OSX because of WOW crashing issues with another PC. Got new PC and Hacked it right away. I run the addons Altoholic, Bartender4, and Enchantrix from Auctioneer, and have a script error every WOW start but no other problems. I also run Mail,Ventrilo and Firefox constantly. My frame rates in Old World 70+ everywhere but Dalaran on a busy day where it drops to 30. On the same computer with Vista 64 with the same addons and Ventrilo only, my frame rates are 50+ and 20+ respectively. Very stable. I have converted and working on converting all my pcs.
  10. I got some sound working using the attached kexts. I am running 32 bit and just installed the kexts that I found in another post. x64_audio_for_ALC888.zip
  11. Shutdown and rebooting both reboot the system. I haven't tried sleep/hibernate. Thanks for point out the DSDT fix. I'll try today.
  12. I have achieved partial Snow Leopard Success. First post ever, anywhere so please bare with me. Specs: Original Specs: Dell 545 with Q9400 Quad, 8GB ram, WD 750GB with native Vista Install. MOtherboard is DG33M06 with the A12 bios flashed. I changed powersupply. Added a Galaxy GTS250 Nvidia Video Card. Two Seagate 500GB SATA HD's, I had them on hand. Bios settings are default as far as I can tell. I know SATA is set to IDE. My Snow drive is on SATA 0. DVD is on Sata 1. Vista is on Sata 4. Leo is on Sata 5. MOnitor is Acer 241W connected through DVI1. Keyboard is Microsoft Comfort Curver 2000 and a generic USB mouse. 1. Installed Kalyway 10.5.2 to 1 of the 500GB drives by booting from Kalyway. No problems with basc 1024x768 and can change to 1920x1200x32 at commandline boot or with kext modifying. 2. Followed 1 of the dozens of guides to install to SL (upgrade bought directly from Best Biy) to a 8GB USB drive. Installed MyHack- "myHack Installer 1.0 RC5.2 Released", http://osx86.sojugarden.com/2010/02/myhack...rc5-2-released/ and customized installed to USB drive. I checked and unchecked various choices as I read the descriptions. I cannot remember which at this time. 3. I rebooted and used F12 from the boot screen (This function of dell bios kicks you know what) and chose to boot from the USB drive. From the myhack bootloader, I picked my usb drive. 4. Installed to the appropriate drive (Snow). My last install caused the monitor to indicate that it couldn't see the computer (light turned amber.) The screen before it went blank showed 10-15 minutes so I let it run until the computer rebooted. This took all my patience but the USB and HD lights were blinking away. 5. When it rebooted and I used F12 from the boot screen and chose to boot from the USB drive. From the myhack bootloader, I picked the Snow hard drive. 6. After running though all the Mac OSX installation options (and jumping around like an Idiot), I ran the myhack installer from the usb drive with the same options as before but installed it to the snow drive. 7. I rebooted without the usb drive and everthing works but audio and wired networking. 8. I installed 10.6.1 and 10.6.2 by downloading through vista and leopard (Kaylway) respectively, (no network yet.) 9. I plugged my usb headphones in and they work, so I have some sound. The Leopard system tells me it is using the RealtekR1000.kext but I cannot get any 64 bit versions to work. The hardware is identified as RTL8101E/RTL8102E. My sound is not working in Snow and my audio is reported as Realtek High Definition Audio. I hope this helps someone. I did not give credit to all the sources I read on the net and here and honestly cannot remember them all. BTW, I did not modify any kexts at this time. I have crashed this install a few times with various RealtekR1000 kexts. No dsdt patching either.