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  1. wimac

    Compaq Presario F700

    up up up up up up up
  2. wimac

    Compaq Presario F700

    anybody? just tried mac os x 10.5.1 not sure what it was just found it on the bay and it said amd and stuff but it wouldnt show my hardrive just my dvd plz help me
  3. wimac

    Compaq Presario F700

    ya forreal been trying since beggining of february lol
  4. wimac

    Compaq Presario F700

    and still...nobody
  5. wimac

    Compaq Presario F700

    installed leo4allv4 and still no luck...can anybody help??
  6. wimac

    Compaq Presario F700

    so i did more research and tried empire efi...that didnt help at all..but seriously, nobody? does anybody have my laptop? ive googled and found nothing.. dnt wanna sound llike a baby but i rlly do need a solution to this problem
  7. hey, been trying to get this thing to work on my laptop for about a month and tried literally almost every distro available like: -LawlessPPC -Leo4AllV3 -iKalyway -Jas 10.4.8 -iDeneb -iPC Universal -iAtkos Btw I have a AMD Turion 64x2 and a Compaq Presario F756nr with Windows 7. Each time i try to install a distro i constantly get shot down with root device errors, kernel panics, and the thing not able to read my hardrive partition. i even formatted my hd to hfs+ with paragon partition manager to see if it would recognize my hardrive, but still no luck. if anyone got any suggestions then that would be great here are my specs: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...564&lang=en
  8. 7 and xp are head to head but since 7 is prettier that windows 7 ftw
  9. i was very dissapointed haha the ipad is just an oversized ipod with no flash support which sucks! and why would u pay more when you can get a little version for cheap?
  10. hey i have a compaq presario f756nr and i have literally tried most of the amd distros available for tiger and leopard. none seem to recognize my hard drive while others dont even boot to the install page. others i keep getting a kernel panic and still waiting for root device errors. i have found solutions to edit my bios but i have a crappy phoenix bios where editing is very limited. i cannot find an answers and ive been searching forever! here is my specs: Processor: AMD turion 64x2 mobile tl-58 mainboard: quanta 30ea nvidia chipsets nforce 560 hewlett-packard bios brand graphics nvidia geforce 7000m/nforce 610 and windows 7 ultimate already installed