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  1. The Official Dual Booting Thread

    Hello and here is what I have done for dual booting XP on one hard drive, and Leopard 10.5.2 on another hard drive. Sounds odd but I'm doing it, and heres how I've done it. This is what I'm using. Motherboard Asus P5GD1 CPU Type Intel Pentium 4 560, 3600 MHz (18 x 200) Physical Memory: 3199 MB Physical Drives: [ Drive #1 - ST3120022A (111 GB) ] #1 (Active) HFS+ 114472 MB THIS IS THE MAC DRIVE on primary ide along with dvd rom. [ Drive #2 - Maxtor 6B300R0 (279 GB) ]#1 (Active)NTFS C: 275779 MB THIS DRIVE IS XP #2 FAT32 D:(Shared)275779 MB 10370 MB (FROM EARLY TESTING) [ Drive #3 - Maxtor 6B300R0 (279 GB) ]#1 (Active)NTFS G: 0 MB 286181 MB [ Drive #4 - Maxtor 6Y120L0 (114 GB) ]#1 (Active)NTFS F: 0 MB 117239 MB [ Drive #5 - SAMSUNG SV2042H (19 GB) ]#1 (Active)NTFS H: 0 MB 19461 MB and I can add more. Now as my bios is booting (American Megatrends Inc.) this allows me to select which harddrive to boot (f8). I first have XP on the primary ide (set as masterand keep it there) installed and running. (have your copy of what ever ready) I then switch my XP harddrive to the Second ide (as a master) and install the (now) Mac Harddrive and installed 10.5.2 and did not have to use any software. There are still one thing I'm still trying to get help with and that is XP can read all the other drives and dvd (knows the mac hd is there but no files to view) and on the mac side it will not read the second or third IDE? And the time keeps shifting to GMT on both sides. But everything else works. Way to go Kalyway
  2. The Official Dual Booting Thread

    Greetings everyone. I have both mac os kalyway 10.5.3(updated) and windows xp running on different hard drives and dual booting from bios. NO SOFTWARE This is how I did it. (you will need two hard drives. a copy of mac and windows) 1. make sure your bios system is able to run ite8212f controllor for your hard drives. (I have 5 in total) 2.With one hard drive (on Master) connect to primary ide and install windows and all updates. ( leave your cd-dvd rom as slave on primary ide. Don't disconnect windows will read it) 3. After windows is fully installed,( you can still add programs later) disconnect from the primary ide and connect to second ide as master (remember the type of hard drive and select that drive in bios setup) and run windows. (should be working run it a couple of times to may sure) 4. Install the second hard drive (on master) to primary ide. ( wherer you did windows) and in the bios select that hard drive on primary Ide. ( boot order cd, hard drive,floppy) have mac disc in cd-dvd rom. 5. Leave conected after installation. ( you should have mac on one hd and windows on another hd) Remember which hd id which. note Windows will find mac hd but will not access it & mac will not see the windows hd untill I find a way for the ite8212f controllor to be seen by mac. mac os kalyway 10.5.2 with 10.5.3 update