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  1. System ID? (Korg)

    YES.... this worked for me as well!!!! Paste LAN stuff right before last } in the PEX4 and PEX5 sections...... Wish I knew more but amazingly this worked! Thanks again, -Lee
  2. A few questions....... After rereading your earlier post a few times and looking up this board I think item 5 is at the heart of your matter..... 1) What PT rev (8.0.3 is the only one for SL as far as I know) 1a) SL version? 2) What plugins are giving you problems? 3) Freeze bad..... when do you get this? Shouldn't be happening 4) Are you sure, double sure, triple sure that every plug is the latest AND SL approved? Got a list? 5) I still get kind of queasy about the slot thing. In the good old days you had to have the cards in specific slots in a specific order. So you have PCIe HD cards -- not good old PCIx ones?? So you have the Digi Core card first and in a slot that is meant for short pinout boards. Then the Accel card in the first full size slot. The Newegg site specifically says the Graphics card has to be there if you only have one. If you try just Graphics in first full size slot and just your core card in the next full size slot (leave out Accell card) do things get a lot better? Does the PCIex4 slot really support an HD core card? 6) Test your RAM with REMBER. I had a bad stick in this build that gave me the weirdest problems. 7) Are all you bios settings for the CPU and RAM at optimized defaults? For me this dumbed my 1600 RAM down to 1066. I tested both ways with xbench (1600 and 1066) and not much difference so I left it lower for a while. Many RAM need higher voltage (or custom latency settings). Is yours set correct per the data sheet? So there are a few things off the top of my head....... -Lee
  3. Will post much more soon..... have configured now two Digi/Hack rigs..... Never got an answer on the UD5 slot issue so went with GA-EX58-UD3R instead, two PCI side by side GA-EX58-UD3R V1.0 for one and V1.7 for the other i7 920, Noctua cooler 6G OCZ Platinum 7,7,7,20 1600 RAM 128G Kingston SSD for OS 128G Kingston SSD for Audio recording 1.5TB WD Green.... amazing drive, feels no different than Black..... QUIET! Update.... fine for mass storage, tried as a partition on this as a clone system drive.... Yuck... just dirt slow for that! Lowly EN8400GS Silent video on one (9800GTX+ with Scythe Musashi on other - drives Apple 30" no prob)) Modu 82+ 625W Silent P/S Two hot swap drive bays in front panel (to G-Sata) Sony Optiarc All Silenx fans or better HD2 Accel PT 8.0.3 (HD2 on one, LE on other with 003) Behringer USB audio adapter (just use the Digital I/O anyway) LIan Li Cases PC-60 for HD2, A17 for LE 10.6.2 Works.... Ethernet, FW, ESATA, Sleep on MyHack install) No work..... Sleep on Digital Dreamer install, Audio (truth is haven't tried real hard - $30 USB device is too easy) Goal on HD rig was 10.6.2, 8.0.3, fast and as silent as possible. So far mission accomplished! I will measure noise later today but between the silenx upgrade to my 192 and this machine I expect noise at 1m to be ~3dB above room.... ~33dBA with no equip on...... At this point I am probably there but I could also baffle the workstation just a little and get this close to 0dB additional..... I record acoustic instruments about 15 feet away and was pretty happy before..... The switch to the Green drives was all about noise, the blacks are awful in comparison....... Used Digital Dreamer script for HD2, all astock but added NVEnabler. All works except for Sleep and Audio Used MyHack V1 3/2010 and Empire EFI for LE... Amazing. My hats off to the MyHAck and Empire EFI guys.....The easiest install ever -- almost too good! Will detail soon. Update: after watching the videos tagged above I am not sure I could add much! Great info and very detailed. Will cross HD2 rig over to MyHack/EFI soon.... Only preliminary testing so far (4 hour tracking session, various playing around..... no probs so far, no panics, no lost communication........ So far just as solid as my old efix rig that ran HD2 for 1 year without issue..... -Lee
  4. NV 8400 GS 0x0422 Desktop *FULLY WORKING* QE/QGL/CI

    I also have success with Asus EN8400GS Silent using this kext (10.6.2 X58, i7 from basic Digital Dreamer script). I am using 24" and 19" Samsung monitors. No problem with extended desktop but what I really want is mirror. Whenever I try this my 24" DVI goes blue and my VGA stays good. Anybody ever get this to work? Thanks, -Lee
  5. New Build -- recovering efix user looking to improve..... Gigabyte EX58-UD3R i7 920 6G OCZ DDR3 Sony Optiarc EN8400GS Silent 128G Kingston SSD (also tried 640G WD Caviar black) $29 Snow Leopard Upgrade DVD Using Kakewalk CD or USB same problem... At 25 minutes left to go "Install Failed..... Mac OSX could not be installed on your computer.... The installer could not copy the necessary support files..... If I do custom install and leave off languages and printers get same problem at ~17 minutes to go I used another SSD drive and did a "Digital Dreamer basic install that was successful. Any ideas????? Thanks, -Lee
  6. OK... I'm looking to follow in the footsteps of this thread and also build a new rig for my HD2 PCIx. I currently do run an "efix" hack based on the Q9550 and a Gigabyte EP45 board. So... this one is i7 but I love the idea of being able to go up to 12G in Ram (6G now and then 6G later when full 64 bit is in play) without resorting to 4G chips. I have been eyeing the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 board. The issue I have is that the PCI slots appear not to be contiguous so I worry that the ProTools will have issues (Will the flex cable even reach?). Any one used one of these for HD2? Thanks, -Lee