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  1. How to install lion on Dell 545?

    I don't think you can install Lion on Inspiron 545. It doesn't have AHCI mode for SATA. (I have this pc) However, you might want to try a distro called SnowOSX86, can't post the links, search on Google. I had some success installing Snow Leopard this way
  2. Problems on Acer 4741G

    Hi all, Installed iAktos S3 on my laptop, after a bus ratio tweak to 17. Install was successful, but after estart, the apple logo flashes for a while before the computer restarted. I tried tweaking with bus ratio to 17 and booting with -x. I didn't have time to capture verbose mode. I also had this problem with the installation before the tweak. Specs: i5-430M 2.26GHz Nvidia GT 310M (330M) 500 gb harddisk 2 GB DDR3 Ram
  3. Hi all, First time posting here . I tried installing SL 10.6.3 on desktop with iAktos. The disc ran smoothly and I finished the installation without any errors. Then I restarted and got a kernel panic It says something about IOAudioFamily, IOPciFamily and VooDooHDA? Booting with -x gets me stuck on the apple boot screen. My specs: Inspiron 545 Not sure of my Mobo Core 2 Quad 8300 2.5Ghz WDC ATA 500gb x 2 Nvidia GT 220 1GB