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  1. network configurations problems 10.6.3

    Possibly, just to check whats working and what isn't could you try in terminal: ping www.google.com and show the output here, and then ping and show the output here, (the ip address is also google).
  2. Bootloader

    Personally I use grub2 as my boot manager, the newest version will directly boot into osx although without the fancy options of chameleon etc. However you can add an osx bootloader to the grub menu if you so wish. And from the grub menu I can boot directly into any of linux, osx or windows 7. There are a few guides on setting up grub to work with bootloaders, if you have any trouble though I'll boot into my linux and try to write a step by step based on what I did.
  3. network configurations problems 10.6.3

    Just by looking at it you don't seem to have a DNS server set for your connection. You can use your routers ip address here(which will pass the dns request on to your ISP so use, or another dns provider which you can find via google. Hopefully that should sort it.
  4. MDS/Spotlight Woes

    Thanks for the tip Dellmantt. But I was hoping to keep spotlight as I do actually use it quite a bit.
  5. MDS/Spotlight Woes

    Hey guys, Had my hackintosh up and running for the last year, a couple of weeks ago spotlight crashed and since then whenever I boot up I have to kill mds otherwise spotlight won't work and the hard drive is constantly accessed. Once mds has been killed it restarts itself and then spotlight works once again. If it isn't killed it continues to run at 20% cpu usage slows down the OS and continually accesses the HDD making it v v warm. So I guess my question is this, does anyone have a solution to this? I don't particularly mind having to kill mds when I boot. But it would make life easier if this wasn't a necessity.
  6. Reboot problems when booting

    Have you tried booting with -v to see where the booting process gets to before it restarts?
  7. network configurations problems 10.6.3

    Could you post the output of ifconfig from terminal for us?
  8. Congrats on getting your 5870 working. Hopefully this is just the beginning of ati mobility's being used properly in OSX. Pavol I think the ati rom he is on about is a dump of his video card, which you can get using Dong's code from his now defunct framebuffer project on google project. Also when he talks about replacing the boot file I believe this is to do with the experimenting that is going on with respect to changing the framebuffer for ATI cards. Have a look in the graphics section of the hardware pages for more info.
  9. Kext Utility may work for you but it has led to several issues with cache's not working for me, however pfix from the myhack website works for me everytime.
  10. Introduce yourself

    First time poster long time user. Just happy to be here.