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  1. Hello there , I trying to install OSX in my Dell 1525 Inspiron. I have succeeded installing OSX in my extended partition using Kalyway 10.5.2. but, I faced video drivers issue and I tried downloading iDeneb 1.4 (10.5.6) and installing it. But I am unable to boot to OSX this time, because of the plain Old "Waiting for boot volume with UUID ..." error. I am sick of finding a fix for 3days and still thinking why in the world did I download iDeneb version. Ofcourse, Its a problem with my system not iDeneb devs. Well, my question is, How is it possible that I am able to boot from the same volume using Kalyway 10.5.2 but not using iDeneb ? If you think you know the answer, Can you also suggest me any fix ? thanks in advance.
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    Are there any success stories on 8600GT card ?
  3. I am currently using 10.5.1 Hackintosh. I don't know wht happened to my mac recently , but all my Installation via Installer like MacFuse, Kalyway 10.5.2 just fails saying unable to create a directory in the root or "/" directories. I tried the following , 1. I verified permissions of Leopard drive using Disk Utility and I didn't find any errors. 2. I opened the Terminal app, navigated to /private dir, and create a directory by sudo mkdir test1 This is was the output , mkdir: test1: File exists But there is no such dir name under /private !! Is my Leopard installation corrupted ? Can someone help ?
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    I have just updated my hackintosh to 10.5.2. In my case, I get the Apple logo with rotating circle forever. I followed the Netkas advice but differently updated the files.After updating to 10.5.2 , I booted to Windows , deleted AppleIntelCPU...kext, extensions.mkext , changed scrtips/1 to load dsmos.kext by using MacDrive. When I boot to OSX, I get the Apple logo with rotating circle. When I boot to the verbose mode, I dont see any error even till the end where it says "Login Window started". Even as I use 8600GT , it seems that OSX has initialized my Video driver because I noticed text like "NVIDIA detected ..." & "Natit Started ... " But, Why would OSX wait after displaying the text "Login Windows Started" .... Someone pls help ...
  5. Hi , I am looking for a RTSP/MMS downloader for Mac OSX. I was searching for hours for "rtsp downloader for mac" and could not find one. Anybody here knows any application which downloads movies in RTSP or MMS protocol ? BTW, pls dont tell VLC streaming. Most of the time it doesn't work. thanks in advance.
  6. Well, not so ... After a painful work (Tried to copy from USB drive, In-built Windows HDD in the Single user mode but in vain ) I managed to copy the 10.5.2 kext by replcaing my Old 7300LE card and reattaching my 8600GT card ... I really do not know, how severel ppls mangaed to load 10.5.2 kext in their existing leopard !!!. When I tried to load my pen drive or my WindowsXP HHD,it failed to mount .Played aroung with mount commands but eventually in vain. I even wasted a DVD by modifying the ISO file of Kalyway using MagicISO, which ended up in non-bootable DVD !! ... Finally, the hardware method worked .... Any suggestions from ur side ?
  7. Thanks Kalyway and others in the team , I have installed OSX 10.5.1 in my PC. Now, my system runs OSX on NVIDIA 8600GT in ASUS P5LD2VM-SE motherboard. Thanks a million .... I have two questions, 1. Every time my system starts, do I have to type "vanilla" , to start OSX in vanilla kernel ? For now, I have renamed "vanilla" file to "mach_kernel" or Is there a better solution to boot vanilla kernel always without typing? 2. Also, how do i verify that I'm booting with EFI ? Since, I don't want to mess up my system after installing a system update !. BTW, a suggestion , Probably someone can bundle up some common question like the one above or the questions asked in this forum section in a FAQ file and attach it to the front (1st) post. thx again for everyone ....
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    Who thinks Vista Sucks

    Speaking on how "sucky" Vista is ,recently I opened the Image editor in Vista , cropped a part of the image to see how it looks and I hit the close the button to discard it .... but WTHell .. the editor saved the cropped image !! without asking me to save the file ,and I lost my image which was in my MMC ... poor programming ... poor Vista .... Also , comparing the games running in DX10 and 9c, UAC ... Vista is not for me or anybody else
  9. Hi everyone , I am pretty new to mac. Recently, I bought a Mac mini (10.9) after being a fan of Hackintosh. Today, I found something peculiar , wierd thing when my password is not recognised by Mac OSX. Every time I entered the password from my memory , the Mac OSX threw out an "Invalid password " error message. So, I opened the terminal.app and typed in my password in clear text in textedit.app. and pasted for "sudo echo test" command. I received password error message again. After a few times of trying , I figured out a way to hack admin password by simply pressing a two keys and I was in. I am to create any file "/" and also run any "sudo ..." command. This is unbelievable for me. The toughest Mac OSX , bows down by two keystrokes. Since, I am new to Mac. Is this an issue and already reported before or is this an easter egg ?? thanks,
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    No startup disk screen

    thanks for all your replies ... You are correct , I need a Hackitosh'ed Leopard. As far as I searched , I could not find any Hackintosh version of leopard beta. Perhaps you could help me , else I will wait for "Jas Mac OSX10.5 final" .. :<
  11. Hi , I am currently using Hackintosh 10.4.7. Since , are there are hackintosh updates for 10.4.10 , can I update my Mac directly from 10.4.7 to 10.4.10 ? tia,
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    No startup disk screen

    Are you saying I cannot boot Leopard beta DVD by any means in my Hackintosh ??
  13. sasi_10

    No startup disk screen

    Hi , I am trying to boot the 9a466 DVD in my system. The instruction everywhere suggest to hold the "Option" key when Mac is booting to show the "Startup disk dialog" and choose the DVD-ROM to start the installation process. But , when I press the "Option"(Windows ALT in my keyboard) key , my old Mac ,10.4.7 boots up without pausing for Startup disk selection screen. Infact, I get the Safe boot login dialog on pressing the Option key. Previously I have set the "Mac 10.5 Leopard boot" from the Startup disk dialog in the Control panel of 10.4.7. But in vain. Hence , are there any solutions to either boot my DVD or bring up the Startup disk screen ?
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    Any sparseimage to iso converter ?

    thanks 4 the reply , ll try and come back
  15. sasi_10

    Any sparseimage to iso converter ?

    I dont think Nero or Alchol 120% supports them ..