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  1. hi ngocvu, does sound and video work? did you try virtualbox 4? thanks
  2. 10.5.8 GMA950 -27AE for eeePC and others

    hi, i installed mac os with iatkos v7. on my gma950 (27a2) driver works perfectly on 10.5.7, but when i upgraded it to 10.5.8, display dection stops working, the resolution is stuck in 1024x768. i did some research saying that, as long as i re-install the gma950desktop.pkg file within the dvd the resolution will work again. my question is, when i open the DVD, it just gives me one icon, there's no System/Installation/Packages/ folder where do i find the pkg file? is this way going to work? thanks
  3. hi, thanks for the help, i solved my problem by reinstalling the iActkos v7, and choose ONLY GMA950 Desktop (previously i ticked all Laptop, Desktop and Rare) now it has qe, can change resolution. but there's still a problem, it provides wrong resolution of my monitor, my monitor is a 19" 16:10 monitor, and the resolution for choose are all 4:3, something like 1024x768, 1280x1024... i tried to connect to another monitor which is a 23" Full HD monitor16:9, it gives me higher resolution, but the options are still 4:3 format. any tips?? thank you
  4. ok, i solved the problem by using the iatkos install disk, using the terminal to delete the DSDT file then i tried the DSDT file from V3 and V4, both didn't work, they both go as far as the grey apple loading screen without the loading icon showing up and hang there. now the problem is, i tried the v3 v4 and the patch, they dont work, what else i can try?? at the moment, using the v3 ktext files, it has QE support, but the resolution is limited to 1024x768, can't change to any other. please help me. thank you
  5. hi, anyone knows how to solve the black screen problem i tried out the GMA950_V3.zip here, installed with osx86tools, didn't use the DSDT file comes with the zip, instead, i used the PATCH.zip method and ends up with a black screen when boot up any idea to fix this? thank you
  6. Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    this post fixes my problem as well, thank you very much now i m trying to get my video driver work