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  1. Hey Guys, So I have a question and I need it answered quickly as I have an order in at newegg that I need to ship soon in order to get it here by Friday. Anyhow, I need a new video card. I have an existing ATI 2600 that I want to replace with something that can actually play a game in windows. But here is the kicker. I need stability as well as TWO working DVI ports in OSX. Where that ties in is I have been reading a lot about flashing a 4870/4890 for use as a mac card (I need the white boot screen for bootcamp so no the Natit trick will note work) So my ? is what card can I get that will be able to flashed to run as closely to the $300 OEM mac card? I don't care if it's 512MB or 1GB or if it's a 4870 or 4890, I just want the most stable card that will run as close to the stock OEM card as possible. To answer a few questions, I need a PC card instead of the one apple sells because of the Mini-CrapPort connector, I need dual DVI for my Dual 23" cinemas and don't see why I should have to buy a $100 adapter to hook up my monitors. Also I need the boot screen to show up so I can go in and out of bootcamp and run boot CD's for linux so a Natit trick for my card will not suffice. Please help, I'm completely lost in the whole 4870 flashing and I need to order something soon. Thanks!
  2. I was wondering if any other Asus Maximus Formula owner have this problem or if it's just me. I have an apple aluminum keyboard and I got my sound working on my board. Only issue, Mute doesn't work, every other key works except mute??? Anyone else had this problem??
  3. natedogg

    Asus Rampage?

    Hey guys, I've been looking all over the forum and I can't find one mention of the Asus Rampage. Does anyone have this board working with OSX86? I would assume it works as it's an x48 chipset but nobody has posted anything. Thanks in advance!
  4. natedogg

    OSx86 installed on P35

    Hey CoolNerd I noticed in your sig that you have a geforce 8600, you don't have it working with full resolution QE/CI do you? I'm looking at buying a new video card and sleep is usually dependant on the video card more then the mobo. Thanks ntdogg
  5. Hey Guys, I've been out of the Hackintosh game for awhile, but I just found out my board (asus p5k Deluxe) is running with hackintosh. So I got it installed and running. I'm having issues with my x1600 and I figured it's just time for me to get a new video card. So what do you guys recommend. Price isn't really a concern, but I want something that will be stable and run strong in OS X, support sleep, if that's at all possible, and support DVI out with full QE/CI. Also dual monitors, possibly in the future. So I'll need dual DVI monitor support as well. So let me have your suggestions, I don't care ATI or Nvidia, I just want something that's going to work well. I'll summarize the laundry list for ya: Brand: I don't care Dual DVI Out support Full QE and CI Sleep Support (if possible) More cutting edge then my x1600 Thanks in advance! ntdogg
  6. natedogg

    OSx86 installed on P35

    Hey Wolf,I'm getting the same error, do everything you say and it still gives me the boot.plist error. I go through and flag the drive and reboot and that pesky error comes back. I've tried unplugging all my usb stuff (except mouse and keyboard) I've tried raid 0, raid 1, just a single disk. Doesn't matter, everytime I get the boot.plist error. I downloaded JAS dvd instead of uphuck 1.3 and I'll see how that goes.But if that doesn't work, do you or anyone else have an idea on how to fix this thing? My specs are below so is it some setting I'm missing in the BIOS(not the AHCI, I enabled that) or maybe a driver on the install that causing the boot.plist error?ThanksntdoggSpecs:805 Pentium D (Overclocked stable to 3.3 w/water cooling)Asus P5K Deluxe w/WiFi2GB OCZ Ram DDR2 800Mhz2x 320GB Seagate Perpendicular Recording Sata DrivesSapphire ATI x1600 512MB PCIe Lite-On Sata DVDRW750w PC Power Ok Jas DVD does the same thing. This has to be BIOS, I have the same board as many of you and I'm getting stuck here. Anybody have a map of what BIOS options they have turned on?Thanks
  7. natedogg

    Mac Pro and Boot Camp Help!

    Does anyone else have this problem? In windows XP my line in does not work. I've tried updating the drivers to 1.54 and still nothing. It detects that the mic is plugged in but it will not record anything. I've tried swapping the mics too and it still doesn't work. This must be some kind of driver issue, but I can't believe I'm the only one with this problem, but I have searched high and low and can't find even a mention of this. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. natedogg

    Ilife will not install!

    Tried that, no go. It starts to install Iphoto and botches that install and then quits. I've tried not installing Iphoto and same results. It doesn't matter what I try same result every time.
  9. So just a hypothetical question here. I'm really digging OSX after playing with it for awhile, so I'm thinking about buying a mac. Only problem is this, I enjoy playing games, granted I'm not a hard core nuthead gamer but I do enjoy having my gaming rig. The only solution I can see, since I can't afford to have a mac pro and a gaming rig is combine them but there in lies the problem. Since direct X 10 is on the horizon I'd want a direct X 10 card in my mac so that when I'm in windows I can enjoy the latest in gaming bliss. So here's a what if. What if I bought a mac pro and installed a PC Geforce 8800 card into it? Think we could get it working? Natit? Mac-Videa, Titan? I really need some input. I've googled and I know people have reported success in bootcamp and windows, no surprise, but not in mac, also no surprise as there is an obvious lack of drivers. So anyones take on this? Worth it? Or....other option. I'm looking at just keeping my PC and running my current setup but swapping out my x1900xtx with a Geforce 8800. Ideas? I also was looking at the Evga 680I motherboards but found little on here about compatability. Quite honestly I'd like to give apple some money and go the other way around, but only if I can keep my games! So I'll let the collective pool of genius maul this one over and get back to me. Thanks guys!
  10. natedogg

    Ilife will not install!

    I can't get this working for the life of me. I've downloaded it twice, yes it is the universal binary, and this is all I get. It starts the installation, EULA blah blah blah, I hit install, it runs for about 3 seconds and then says it can't finish the install. That's it, nothing else. The only thing I can think is that I downloaded it in windows on another computer and moved it over to my hackintosh, but I don't know how it could be since it crashes in the same exact spot on two separate downloads. It never even gets installed. Anyone have this or have any ideas? This is the only thing I can't get to install and the one things I'm dying to mess with. Any help would be great.
  11. Just wanted to thank everyone here, especially wallstreet, for there help. After it was explained to me I got my Sapphire x1900xtx working perfectly. I haven't tried dual DVI yet but I'm sure it probably works. Thanks again, it's hard for those of us who have been admins on windows systems for so long to instantly grasp how things work on a mac. Thanks Again
  12. The wireless is on the way. Realtek actually has a mac driver for it, but it wasn't a universal binary, the recompiled it and are beta testing it this month. It should be out by next month and we'll have wireless on our boards too.
  13. Quick question for all of your Asus P5W owners. Have any of you got the OS to detect when you have a headphone plugged into the Front Audio ports? Or a mic for that matter? Seems like my front panel audio isn't working at all. Sorry to all of you that had specific questions for me, I know I started this thread but some issues in my personal life took me out of the hackintosh game for a little while, but now I'm back and happy to report all is well AND I have my ATI card running perfectly with dual DVI out and everything. So if anyone has any questions in the future please feel free to ask.
  14. Ok guys I hate to be a pain but I can't get this to work so I would really appreciate some help. I haven't been using OS X on account of not having my graphics problems sorted out with the new 10.4.8 install. Now I know you're prolly going to say something like, so use 10.4.7 and I would except I noticed such a big performance increase using .8 that it is what it is. OK that said, here is what I did to make things easy, clean install of Jas' 10.4.8 CD, the reseed one that is currently on Demonoid. I haven't added any new kernels. Do I need to? Or does it even matter? What I need for you to do. Please run through what Kext I need to install, how I need to install and what editing (if any) I need to do to get this working with DVI. My card is a Sapphire ATI X1900 XTX which I understand a few people have got working correctly with DVI, QE and CI. I DON'T need dual display, but if I can get DVI that would help immensely because having to keep a VGA cable around and swap between inputs is a pain. Ok that said I hope you guys can help, cause I loved OS X when it was installed but not getting these things to work is a pain. Thanks
  15. Well I'm glad I found this topic. Here is my progress so far, I have a Sapphire x1900 xtx card which has the exact same ID as the x1900 cards that are supposedly working so well. the Uni installer beta does not work for me. I've also tried editing the key in single user mode and changing it from Sphyrna to Alopias wherever Sphyrna appeared in the x1900 key. Rebooted and got a garbled screen using VGA and nothing using DVI. So am I missing something here? Perhaps a clean install and install/edit the natit kext manually? Hope someone else has made it farther then me.