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  1. Lion, 4670, GraphicsEnabler, QE/EI, some help needed

    hi i discovered i can boot 10.6.8 with graphics enabler=no and -pci1 bootflag and dvi to dvi connection. i also tested it in lion (10.7.1) but with graphics enabler=yes and -pci1. i own a sapphire ultimate 4670 512mb (i think ddr3). i used chameleon bootloader..one of the newer versions. i am on windows right now and a bit in a hurry but i installed it with chameleon wizard not so long ago... i can watch 1080p videos, dashboard has ripple effect so i think QE/CI is working properly.in system profiler its radeon 4600 series or so but as long as everything works i am happy i have not tested hdmi or vga yet, because i got only one main display...but perhaps i will test it just for fun... my mainboard is ep45 ud3lr...someone wrote in another thread that gigabyte boards often need -pci1 to get this or similar cards working... i just connected a second monitor via dvi and my main via hdmi..both working:D now i can finaly use this card again since it stopped working after 10.6.4 update ( i do not remember excatly what update could be it was 10.6.3 or 10.6.6...). i had to buy a cheap gfx card to use my system again..now it is much better:D edit: can´t start dvd-player and ableton strange update: when i start lion only with graphicsenabler=yes and monitor connected via vga dvd player and ableton start...but with dvi or hdmi and/or graphicsenabler=no they wont start..strange
  2. ATI HD4670

    good to know that it is purely cosmetical, i edited smbios.plist..but then i tried to compile asere 1.1.9 but simply don´t know how. i downloaded the source and the folder is called aserebln-Chameleon-1493326. i replaced the lines in ati.c, opened my terminal, read what demik suggested but didn´t understand it well. can you help me? the folder is in root but what should i type in terminal? perhaps you can give me a quick guide if it´s not too much hassle. however thanks for helping with asere 1.1.8 so it´s not very urgent to me to have 1.1.9 but wanna know how i compile it myself. then i could switch bootfile from time to time. thanks in advance
  3. ATI HD4670

    my hd4670 works well with shrike and chameleon rc4. i think i have to test your asere modded shrike version. i never compiled anything and did not realy understand how to make my own asere shrike mod. this is really helpful. thanks man! edit: just tested the bootfile and it works for me but i do not understand why memory is detected as 667..thought i had asere before and it worked. strange..but editing smbios.plist should resolve this. still don`t understand why memory was detected perfectly before i changed my boot file.. is it purely cosmetically?anyway everything is working just fine with my ati 4670. only dvi, no vga, hdmi not tested yet. the advantage of asere booter is now snow leo loads applelpc.kext. so i prefer using asere.
  4. ATI HD4670

    too bad...my idea was to modify the boot file from AsereBLN Booter Version 1.1.8 in the same manner you modified chameleon rc4. AsereBLN Booter Version 1.1.8 is based on chameleon rc4...so there´s no chance of modif AsereBLN Booter Version 1.1.8? anyway your boot file helps very much! thanks
  5. ATI HD4670

    hi pillmen is the boot file in your attachment the modif boot file or do i have to modify it myself? do i need other kexts than stock 10.6.2 ati kexts? it would be awesome if i could get my ati 4670 running in mac osx. thanks for help edit: your boot file realy did the trick. now my sapphire hd 4670 is fully working. i replaced only my boot file and kept stock 10.6.2 kexts. but my ram is only detected as 667mhz and should be 800mhz. with AsereBLN Booter Version 1.1.8 only my geforce 6600gt works but memory is detected as 800 mhz. i think it boots up faster too...do you think you can modify AsereBLN Booter to make it work with ati 4670? or do you know how i can fix memory detection? anyways i am happy now. before i had to switch gfx card every time i switched between ubuntu and sl...pretty annoying..