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  1. Dell XPS 17 L702X Non-3D

    @ mac.hp.pc I already have the biggest battery. @fallen101 I saw many different versions of powermanagement kexts I just don't know WHICH does work with my setup. That's why I asked here, to find people who tried and succeeded.
  2. Dell XPS 17 L702X Non-3D

    What is the deal with the battery life on iatkos L2 1.7 Lion (perfectly configured) on Dell XPS 17 L702X Non-3D? Im running on core i7 2670QM 4GB ram NVIDIA GT550M - Intel HD3300(activated) 1920x1080 display On W7 im getting 7 hours with optimal settings(totally usable) but around 3 on OSX. Any thoughts? Advices?