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    ATI mouse tearing - a new and better solution

    Hello, I need help. How do I install this app? i don't know what to do with the archive. It doesn't have an installer or instruction. PLease help
  2. jimijamez

    Natit_Uni_1.0 with Ati 9600 Pro

    Yeah, I have the same question. Why doesn't exist support for 9600 series? I bet a lot of people have these kind of cards. I have it running with my mac os x86 10.4.8, but with mouse artifacts problems. I did it with the old calisto. But it's really annoying these graphical problems, and I can't fix it. I have QE y CI though. But I insist, why not 9600 support? My card has 256 ddr ram, so it's pretty enught to run a lot of mac software. cheers . jimi