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  1. Dual Monitors and Pascal

    As I noticed, there is no need to reset/power off the whole machine. It has nothing to do with the sleep as power saving functionality itself. It is sufficient to unplug/plug the displays and with some probability they may work or not. I would say there is something with the response time of the displays on the receiving signal event. If the signal is caught in the right moment and thus the response is arrived to the driver and processed in the right time then all good. Otherwise... well next try. This is the first time I encounter HDMI/DVI handshake issues between NVIDIA adapters and displays on mac, but at least it's a starting point for further investigations. In my case I played with all the combinations to find a stable working setup. I have all the displays powered up by the time macOS boots and I distributed the displays between two adapters. 1DVI and 2HDMI for 1050TI and 1DVI and 1 HDMI for 650TI. I also considered the handshake time for the displays (time is needed to see any processed signal on the display, ie picture:) ). I connected my fastest response time HDMI devices to the DVI ports via DVI-HDMI adapters and then I went from the fastest to the slowest distributing the rest from port 1 to 3. So far this works with 100% probability for me but this SHOULD not be the solution
  2. Dual Monitors and Pascal

    1050TI with WebDriver-378.05.05.05f012, for now 2 HDMI and 1DVI-D (/SUB adapter). Chances to get all output working: 1 HDMI 100% OK 1 DVI 100% OK 1 HDMI + DVI 80% OK, no HDMI 20% (DVI 100% OK) 2 HDMI 50%, blackscreen or 1HDMI 50% 2 HDMI + DVI below 50%, black screen or 1HDMI 50% (DVI 100% OK) I tried different cable combinations, same result. Reset or total power cut result in the same, I can't see any remarkable change (at least from my view) between the scenarios. Maybe karma:) ॐ Let see what happens if a new web driver is released, for now I'm happy with this pascal support as it is:)