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  1. Hi, I've got an ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 / i7 core 920 / 24GB DDR 3 133Mhz RAM all running fine on 10.6.8 following this guide a long time ago. I just bought a core i7 980 that I want to swap in. I see I will need to apply some DSDT patches and/or patch the kernel to get it working. The attachments for DSDT for core i7 980 on third post don't seem to work, can anyone provide a link? If I just swap the new CPU in and don't change anything, will it boot at all? or boot and only see 4 cores? Actually I can live with all cores not seen under OS X, I'll reboot to Win7 for heavy rendering, I just want to get it up and running at same speed as current or better by easiest method.
  2. Hi There, I have a P6T Deluxe V2 thats been running 10.6.8 for a while now just fine. It's currently got the low end i7 core 920 2.66 Ghz. I just tracked down a core i7 980 6 core 3.33 Ghz. I assume I can just upgrade the motherboard bios, swap the CPU and that should be it right? Same chipset, nothing else changes (except I'm chucking in more RAM as well). Anything to look out for or should it "just work" ??? I'm using this machine as a render box for terragen and nuke many thanks
  3. The answer is NOT covered in the thread you linked and is much easier than that thread talks about. I found it here on another site: http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2009/11/dua...-os-x-snow.html For anyone else with same problem, you don't need to use GPT fdisk or any other fiddling around. This is what worked for me. 1. Start with new drive you are prepared to wipe. 2. Follow instructions for retail snow leopard + boot 132 install for your motherboard from the installation forum EXCEPT, Format drive as GPT, create two partitions in Disk Utility when booted from Snow Leopard disk. Set one to Mac HFS+ journeled, set the other to MSFAT. 3. Finish installing snow leopard. 4. Check boots ok, run software update to go to 10.6.7, patch audio 5. Boot from windows 7 DVD (64 bit) 6. At install screen select the empty MSFAT partition, FORMAT it as NTFS from Windows 7 installer, then install to new partition. 7. Finish win 7 install, check it boots ok. 8. Windows 7 will remove the chameleon loader, so now use the boot 132 cd to boot Mac OS X , check that still works. I'm not sure if Disk Utility or windows installer converted the drive to hybrid GPT/MBR but one of them must have done it automatically. That's where I'm at, for now I'm happy using the boot 132 CD to choose to boot mac os x, I'll work out how to re-install chameleon another time. Hope this helps others, the answers are not clear in this forum, you have to read dozens of threads to work this out, a clear guide to dual boot snow leopard both on a single disk and on different physical drives would be really useful as a sticky. BTW, my system is Asus P6T Deluxe V2 with Nvida GTX260.
  4. yes I have windows 64.... so how about answering the question? I did do a search, the answers are pretty obscure. how do I create a hybrid gpt/mbr disk? can I do that from my current state with snow leopard installed on pure gpt or do I have to start again with a different partition scheme?
  5. Ok, thanks to some tips here I used boot 132 to install Snow Leopard from a retail DVD on an ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 with Nvidia GTX 260. Snow Leopard is working just fine, updated to 10.6.7 with no problems and enabled audio fine. I deleted my windows 7 partition when I converted the drive to GPT. So now Windows 7 installer won't install onto the spare partition I left on the GPT drive. Sorry if this is obvious, but how do I work around this and re-install Win 7 for dual boot?
  6. ok thanks.... I found lots of info on the P6T but not clear info on the combo with a GTX260. Boot 132 plus a retail snow leopard seems to be working for me... thanks..
  7. I have a PC with ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 + Nvidia GTX260 that I want to install OS X 86 on. I downloaded iDeneb 1.5.1 and found a page telling me to go into Bios, set storage devices to AHCI, Disable Intel HT and set cores to 1. Did all that and tried to boot the iDeneb 1.5.1 DVD and I get a flash of the grey screen with Apple logo for a split second then the machine reboots back to bios. I'm guessing the Nvidia GTX260 is the problem. Does iDeneb 1.6 fix this? should I try another versions of OS X 86? Thanks for any help, tried google searches and not getting a definate answer.
  8. we have a project coming up for which we need to use a PCI Express frame grabber card, the IDS Eagle Quattro Express, eg here... http://www.ids-imaging.de/frontend/catalog...=22&nav2=69 This card has no mac drivers, but we are considering trying to install it in a Mac Pro Tower running Windows XP. Is there any reason that this wouldn't work? Will the EFI BIOS of the Mac be a potential issue? As far as I know, bootcamp installs a legacy BIOS emulator, so it "should work". Just curious if anyone here has had direct experience installing any unusual cards in a mac pro tower which dont have any mac drivers. The reason we want a mac pro tower for this project instead of just buying a PC is that the project is for a short term installation and after that, a mac pro tower is more useful to us as a Final Cut Studio render machine than a PC tower is. Any help appreciated.
  9. bump... has anyone got this working? I just tried this again and still can't get it working. this is the last thing I can't make work under xp and is quite important to me.... thanks for any help
  10. I'm trying to use the DVI-svideo and rca adaptor to connect an external tv as the second display under xp.... no luck so far, the options in the ati controls seems to only apply for second monitors... there is no "tv out" option that I can see. in case it matters I'm in PAL land and I'm trying to run pc VJ applications (resolume) displaying a full screen second external output. if I connect the DVI-s-video adaptor to the tv and reboot in xp, the main display actually comes up blank and I have to disconnect it and reboot would be very intersted to hear if anyone has got this working.
  11. Apple Addresses MacBookPro Issues

    yep.. got mine on friday... and it's REV D mainboard. was using it for several hours on my lap over the weekend, it doesn't get that hot. There is a slight whine but to be honest it doesn't bother me, I'm usually playing music and it's not audible. No screen flickering or other issues. I would think between the mainboard rev and the 10.4.6 update they've also improved battery life, I get over fours hours reading from a full charge.
  12. Partitioning Advice for < 5 percent windows

    ok thinking about it your right, and it's safer to keep windows sandboxed where it can't f*** up the os x partition (which will be my primary work partition)... so right way to do it is to split it into os x and xp with guid partition table, whats the minimum I can realistically install xp + 1 or 2 apps in? maybe a 80GB OS X 20GB windows split?
  13. I've just ordered a mac book pro. I'm going to use it 95 percent of the time plus in Mac OS X. The only things I will use windows for is occasionally to run Resolume (Vj program, www.resolume.com) or Sony Vegas. Is it feasible to leave it one partition? will there soon be a solution to boot windows / mac os x off one partition? this would be my first preference. If not what should I do out of the box to prepare it for a dual install? Probably won't install xp until graphics hardware is fully supported but may as well get it ready to go. I have looked through the wiki but the advice is very limited on suggested partitioning schemes. I also don't see any where information on drivers for the FW400 port or if thats now working? Can you mount HFS+ external fire wire disks under XP using MacDrive? can you capture video to xp from a DV camera using Vegas or Premiere Pro? thanks for any info