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  1. Any Ideas aboutt this KP? tried to install ML GM. i dont even have bluetooth thank you
  2. Lion GM Graphic Card

    To install 9500 Gt you do not need an aditional kext. only to add the efi string. use osx86tools and add the effi string for your card. should be simple.
  3. Possible Solution for Dsmos Arrived

    I found another way that work for me. Try to install Lion 2 times on the same partition. This method solved the problem for me too. Lion Now Fully operational with P5QC Motherboard.
  4. After several hours of trying to install Lion on top of 10.6.8 and allways have this Dsmos Arrived Freeze. accidentally I solved the problem. When I´m installing Lion and it says less than a minute, my pc stops blinking for a while. when apears less for a minute on instalation, and the disk stop blinking, reset your computer. now my Lion Boots Ok. I don´t Know why, but it worked, and the lion is working perfectly My motherboard is a p5qc. Don+t know if it will work for you, but you can try it.
  5. Motu 424 Normal Pci card

    Hi. I have a motu 424 normal pci card. not the pcix one. the problem that is the card are not recognized with the original motu drivers, because obviously there aren´t any mac intel with normal pci. will be possible to make osx recognize my card? i install the drivers but osx can even recognize it. i will be very happy if it will be possible. Thanks a lot
  6. Logic Studio is working in my Hackintosh!

    logic pro 8 is running in my 10.4.8. the small version. only the app. 300mb. I think the other dvds are the library of sounds etc. and for me is not important.
  7. I have a pentium d 3.0, max osx 10.4.8. I downloaded adobe illustrator 12 from official site and installed it. when I try to open it It freeze and close every time. gives this error: 2006-11-23 12:45:14.391 Adobe Illustrator[338] CFLog (21): Error loading /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS2/Adobe Illustrator.app/Contents/Frameworks/adobelm.bundle/Contents/MacOS/adobelm: error code 4, error number 0 (Library not loaded: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/AGL/AGLData.framework/Versions/2.8/libagldata.dylib.28.0 Referenced from: /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS2/Adobe Illustrator.app/Contents/Frameworks/adobelm.bundle/Contents/MacOS/adobelm Reason: image not found) anyoe have this problem too??