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  1. GeForce 9600 GT

    My Captiva 9600GT 1GB (VGAm HDMI, DVI) drives me nuts. 10.6.2 (GigabyteOsx - now Kakewalk) install works fine under VGA (installed on Syncmaster, 226BW, screen using VGA over KVM). But VGA / DVI ports on the 9600GT are wonky. - Now i wanted to connect my 30" ACD (DVI only). - DVI port seems not to work. Solution: 1) Boot up with VGA and DVI connected on syncmaster. 2) Syncmaster switches to DVI 3) Plug in ACD DVI: new resolution is selected and ACD working (until restart). - Leaving a deadend VGA cable in the 9600GT VGA port will not help. Any clues? thanks.
  2. MyOsX (short: MOX, might keep you out of trademark troubles)
  3. EP45-UD3LR Q8300 (2,5 Ghz @3,33Ghz) 8GB Corsair DDR2 XMS2-8500 LG GH22NS 22x DVDRW Captiva GF 9600 GT 1GB WD Velo 150GB 10k OsX 10.6.2 (all updates) Geekbench 64bit: 8105 (after Install) Costs: 800 EUR Perfect Installation. All working and stable (so far). 12+! Internets for you, SIR! cheers,