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    Gigabyte Z390+Radeon 580 Success

    I had the problem with Aourus Radeon RX 580 8GB gaming, only work HDMI, and I need multimonitors, when plug the dvi-d, shows flawsy,
  2. kochfede


    Hi there, I have the same mobo (except v2) Quadcore 9550 and GE 9600 GT and 8gb ddr3. I bought a ssd disk, and decided to install yosemite... the problem its after a couple of hours of use (Iam Graphic designer, I use illustrator, Fontexplorer, Photoshop, Indesign...) it get very slowy , I close all process and no luck, have to reboot to recover speed (and sometimes dont turn off ok in this scenario) Any advice?
  3. I have the same problem with yosemite... thinking in going back to voodooHDA
  4. kochfede


    Hello, I had patched with x42 and works great the output, the problem its with input , doesnt appear the Mic option in the prefPane http://cl.ly/image/3k0n152O413S I tryed with a Pin Configuration inside DSDT and with Zero. no luck... Any ideas? I need the mic for skype...