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    The high price of Apple computers

    I agreed with Consolation with most if not all his/her view about the cost of a mac. I just did a quick comparison. I think dell xps models are more comparable to macbooks than the inspirion cause of the build quality. With Apple macbook: 1299.99 2.16 C2D 120 gig HD 1 Gig ram 13.3 inch lcd gma 950 super drive isight 55 watt battery Configured as close as possible to macbook. With XPS M1330: 1574.99 (btw the base model is 1299.99, which has 1.5ghz C2D, no webcam, 37watt battery) 2.2 C2D 120 gig HD 1 gig ram 13.3 inch lcd x3100 dvd burner webcam 56 watt battery Note, the xps has a better video card (gma 950 vs x3100) , and processor (2.16 vs 2.2) , that may justify the higher cost for xps. The thread is about high price of apple product. we are know that there are cheaper dell or hp, but what i'm looking at is what the each company offer that is comparable in terms of construction/design (eg attention to details) and the component they choose to used. Does apple macbook seem more expensive when compare to dell xps. Not really. Can you get rebate or coupon code to make them cheaper? maybe, it seems most coupon are for inspirion models. And rebate for macbook can sometimes be found through amazon.com For those who used/tried a macbook and a pc notebook knows that the out of the box experience is slightly different. This i think apple have an advantage. So if you had $1500 to buy a notebook (5 pounds or less) which would you buy? For me I would get the macbook ($1299.99) + XP - The Just Incase OS (199.99), This way I have best of both the 3 worlds (mac,windowz,linux). It's just worth the investment.
  2. I wished i read this thread back in March, I would have supported Conroe! R.I.P HU P3 Card
  3. alexbabyboy

    X2 or Opteron?!

    cool bean. I'll test with what i already have. but I'm definitely going get the new Core 2 Duo for Mac. whichever one I can afford.
  4. alexbabyboy

    Quicktime playback is stripes (SOLVED)

    How do u revert back to an older quicktime? like 7.12? I try using appzapper. delete /reciept file. The installer will not let me install because the file is older.
  5. alexbabyboy

    X2 or Opteron?!

    This may shy you away from AMD atleast for OSX86. I'm having a hella time getting OSX86 install on my AMD X2 4800 (maybe it's the ati 200 {censored}). I've install it on my laptop hp nc6000 which is a intel Pentium M 2.0ghz, works great. Considering you have better luck than me in AMD, only 2 obstacles u may have is that you can only use sse2 (maybe there is an fix already) and you may only be able to use 1 core, ..stutter sydrome.. (again maybe there is already a fix). This assuming you are only swapping out cpu and got everything else working. good luck. I may even give it another shot if you can successfully make it work. Btw. Opteron and X2 are virtually same thing (beside cache for lower priced X2 models) but tested differently. Opteron are tested for a server environment, and you get unlock multiplier. The price of Opteron and X2 gap is almost nothing (depending on your supplier) (woot price war, unfortunately i got it when it was $200-$300 price difference) Newegg has Opteron 175 (2.2ghz) or AMd x2 4400 (2.2ghz) for about $249 as of today. Damn the price dropped so much. I would get Opteron , same price (atleast for this model), unlock multiplier (option for overclocking). If you really want speed king without all the overclocking go for AMD FX series...but i going off topic.
  6. Maybe a little too late. I think this is a known issue. It has to do with speed stepping. Some laptop allows you to disable it and run it at full speed (check your bios). If you disable speed step the downside is that it will never throttle down so your battery life will be cut in half. With AC power, disable/enable speed step makes no difference. It will run at full speed all the time. My laptop fan is on 24/7. Just battery power If you enable speed step, The processor throttle to half the speed (or whatever the speed-step speed are for your processor. I only surf the internet on battery power (gets twice the battery life). I think the difference here between a macbook and hackbook is the power management in EFI? If you disable the speed step, on Battery, it will run at full speed.