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  1. How can I check for this? Is their a boot option to boot in 64 bit?
  2. Solved all the problems I was having. 1. Sound - used voodoohda.kext and placed in s\l\e 2. firewire - removed applehpet.kext 3. graphics - used "empty_skull_x19x0_series 10.5.6" pack and placed in extras folder of my boot partition. Thanks for everyones help.
  3. I got full support for my graphics card (x1900) by using "empty_skull_x19x0_series 10.5.6" pack of kexts and plugins in extras folder of boot partition!! flyingroti, Have you looked at using boot-132?
  4. Been looking through this thread and solved firewire - delete applehpet.kext Now for audio and graphics Got audio to work by adding voodoohda.kext. Just Graphics now. Can anyone show me how I can find the efi string for ATI x1900?
  5. I installed Retail Leopard 10.5.6 and then updated to 10.5.8. chameleon RC2 is on a boot partition and loads leopard sucessfully. However i have no audio, firewire and I can only choose 1024x768 resoultion. My hardware: Asus P5W DH Deluxe ATI X1900 Graphics Card Can anyone help me out, I've been looking through the forums for the last 2 weeks and cannot solve my problem.
  6. when I try that line of code I get "can't stat directory Extensions" Nevermind, I had to create an extensions folder.
  7. I would like to add these kexts only to the partition that has chameleon on it (so leaving the Leopard partition untouched). I know there are some installer packages for audio and gfx, but won't these install to my leopard partition? I have tried to find the answer on these forums, but I am getting more confused Is there a topic that someone can link me to to find some of these kexts I need? I've also seen topics about using "osxtools" and "efistudio" to "add efi strings" to get my devices to work. Could someone explain how I could use these maybe?
  8. I have successfully installed the retail Leopard 10.5.6 using the boot 132 method and updated to 10.5.8 Also I have chameleon RC2 on a separate partition that boots leopard without the disk. My problem is: 1. No audio 2. No firewire 3. Graphics card (ATI x1900) - can only choose 1024 x 768 resolution. Does anyone know of what kexts I need to solve these problems, please?
  9. So I can add individual kexts, then run the updater? Also I am having trouble finding the kexts I need. Can you help me regarding this? One more thing, how can I see what's inside extensions.mkext?
  10. I have sucessfully installed Retail Leopard 10.5.6 and updated to 10.5.8. System also boots from chameleon using macloader. Thanks Macinized My hardware is: Mobo - Asus P5W DH GFX - Ati x1900 Problems: 1. No Audio 2. Can only choose 1024 x 768 resolution 3. Firewire not detected (I really need this!!) Now I understand I can put the kexts I need into the extras folder, but how? In the MacLoader partition Extras folder I have "Themes" folder, "com.apple.boot" and "extensions.mkext" Do I somehow upack the extensions.mkext, then add the kexts I need and then repack? I have searched and searched and am very confused by all the many posts I have read on these forums Please can someone point me in the right direction.
  11. Just reinstalled Leopard, chose not to install Realtek wireless, then deleted ethernet entries and re-added. Weird????? It works!
  12. Realtek wireless is showing as ethernet, is this right? I've tried deleting all ethernet entries and then re-adding - no luck I've tried installing just the ethernet from the "Gigabyte ds3_4pack.dmg" - no luck I've used the IONetworkingfamily.kext (from a "P5w-dh_sound_net_leopard" package") - no luck I'll search for this marvell yukon kext, hopefully that's the one!
  13. After following the 10.5.1 guide for dual booting XP and Leopard on the wiki site, I have succesfully installed Leopard. Everything works (Graphics card, sound, wireless, etc.) except for ethernet. Previously I installed the kalyway Disc on a separate hardrive and ethernet worked fine, so i don't understand why its not now! My specs are: Asus P5W DH (bios 2504) Ati 1900xt Graphics card Intel 6300 Core Duo I've been searching through the forums trying various fixes, but none fixed the problem. Any help would be much appreciated
  14. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Can you tell me which install DVD you used? (I used jas 10.4.7) Did you install on a sata or pata HD (which connection on mobo did you use?) Did you enable/disable anything in bios? (What version bios do you have?)