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  1. I'm writing this topic because I've tried all the versions (apple hda patcher included) of kexsts available on this forum for ALC861 and they're all out of date [snow leo unsupported]. VoodooHDA doesn't work well with this soundcard [crackles], even on low frecq so we would need a new driver. I beg all the people that are able to write a driver or know a fix for ALC861 to type the solution here. Thank you very much!
  2. I have pretty much the same problem, but my sound sounds ALWAYS like that. I haven't managed to fix it yet.
  3. boot the Mac with the -v -f flags. You may be able to see what's causing the kernel panics (most prolly the kexsts are causing it so look for kext related errors)
  4. Is there any way [Macbook's battery indicator]

    Yes, I've thought about that before posting and you're right: there's no need for such thing on a desktop. I used the Lizzard app from osx86.net for editing my SMBIOS plist. The System Profiler says something like: Model Name: MacBook Model Identifier: MacBook5,1 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Solo But as you can see, what it says it's a bit {censored}ed up. (Core 2 Solo, LOL). Don't know what to do.
  5. Is there any way [Macbook's battery indicator]

    Well, I do have the VoodooBattery.kext in my /OS/Extra/Extensions folder but it doesn't seem to work. Also there is no 'show battery life in the menubar' option in the Sys Preferences>Power Saver. Any advices?
  6. I wonder if I can install somehow the battery life indicator ( [---] ) which is available on Macbooks in the finder bar, rigth top corner. Did anybody manage to do it?
  7. Cheapest s775 OS X compatible motherboard

    Well my friend, you should check out the new Russian Bizoon's mobos. Fully compatible with the OS X [they guarantee]. Though it's not cheap, I've just gave you a tip on what to buy for Christmas. Alex
  8. Any news regarding ALC861 sound (common)device

    So. I kept searching and trying. No improvements. I edited the AppleAzaliaAudio's Info.plist with my ALC861 device ID and one more plugin inside azalia and I got sound (before that I didn't have at all). But it's crancky again, crackles. bzzs. DOES anybody know how to get rid of the crackle sound? Please? I'm desperate! Thx.
  9. I'm running Snow Leopard 10.6.4 on my Toshiba Sat. A110-293 laptop but I can't find any working kext for my Realtek ALC861 sound card. I searched the forum and I saw that Taruga and other kext developpers created a lot of fixes and drivers but they are all old (2006-2007 and for 10.5) and some links are BROKEN [the alc861 kext link is also broken]. I would realy appreciate if someone could post a alc861 kext or any other working fixes. Btw. I tried various versions of VoodooHDA. My ALC861 works badly with the VoodooHDA (a lot of sound crackles) and Azalia kext is not working at all. Thx in advance, Alex.
  10. SL Works only on VGA Output, help needed.

    OK! So I've done a lot of research today, f&* up my system a few times and here I am. I've read some entries round here and someoune said that the appleIntegratedFramebuffer doesn't recognize the display [that was his case]. Now I remember that I had 10.5.5 distro version running just fine with my internal LCD display. My question is: Will my 10.6 system work with a 10.5.5 appleIntelIntegra..Framebuffer kext? Will it help? Thx in advance. L.E I've solved the problem. If anyone is experiencing the same problem, here is how I fixed it. Natit.kext (the one for 950gma on kexts.com) -- Intel --> /S/L/E SMBIOSEnabler.kext --> /Extra/Extensions. Repair permissions, blabla. This should do the trick. I wish you luck!
  11. Lately I've been trying to prepare my 8.0GB USB Flashdrive for the Snow Leopard Installation. I kept having problems with the GUI: instead of the installer it showed only a GRAY SCREEN. I tried all kinds of kexts, and finally the GUI loaded flawlessly. (Copied all the kexts from EasyEFI 2.1 preboot.dmg in my /Extra + one GMA950 kext which came with a DSDT). After installing the OS, I had the same problem with the GRAY SCREEN [but this time it happened while booting in the OS, obviously]. I've tried to copy all the kexts from my flashdrive into SLE, but it didn't work. Somehow I found out that the grayscreen it's not a problem anymore and everything works fine WHILE my laptop is connected to my TV via a VGA output cable. I'm having a Toshiba Satellite A110-293 laptop [core solo @1,87 GHZ, 2GBRAM, gma950 graphics] and this time i'm very close to making it work. I'd realy appreciate an idea of how to get it work without the VGA output. Thank you very much! Alex.
  12. I've tried a lot this week to get my ToshiMac working but I haven't managed to do it, yet! I'll try this Leo4All and let you know if it worked on my AC110-293. L.E @Rastus: The link to drivers is not broken, you just have to retouch it a little bit. I guess it's purposely mistaken..