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  1. Yes, the system is totally up to date and so are the browsers.
  2. This happened to me 3 or 4 times, always when closing my browser (happened both in Firefox and Safari. It freezes and shows the panic screen. Pisses me off because it's a relatively new MBP. Anybody seen it happening? Ideas? Thanks!
  3. Meeno

    The first Mac you ever used.

    A Mac Performa, in '94 or '95.
  4. Meeno

    USB3 on Mac?

    I didn't even know this existed.
  5. Meeno

    The best Macbook Pro Cooler

    I'm sorry to up this thread, I don't know the policy to this sort of thing on this forum, but usually I find better to reuse an existing thread than creating a new one. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't know if there is a cooling pad specially for macs, i've seen one on google with the fan hole shaped like an apple, but i don't know if it was real. I too have a concern about overheating. I live in a tropical country, it's summer here, really really hot. I kinda feel sorry for my MBP. I don't own a cooling pad, and don't intend to get one because this sort of thing is really expensive here (like $70, a crappy one) and this pisses me off. I could use an external fan, but it doesn't seem to do much difference, I don't know why. CPU is at 55ºC, I'm using Safari, aMsn and iTunes. I know it's not much, but when I play games (on Win7) it gets insanely hot. The external fan doesn't seem to help much. Anybody has a good idea on where to place the fan and all? I'd appreciate that. Thank you, and please excuse my english.
  6. Meeno

    Parallels 5

    This is weird. I have a MPB running Snow Leopard and it came with Paralells. I didn't try to install it though.
  7. Meeno


    It's like a giant ass iPod touch. Dispensable, but awesome.