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  1. Need help with Sound

    Hello, Im new to the Mac OS X stuff and im running it from my PC. Everything is working fine but the sound. The sound is build onto the motherboard. The System is using the AC'97 kexts. I have tried to test it and the sound still does not work. And yes I have tried to search for it and use the kexts in the stickys with no luck. Please see the images below. They may be of some help. If you need anything else just let me know PS: Here is the link to the windows version of the driver i used when running windows HERE! Here is some screenshots: midi.tiff
  2. MODERN WARFARE 2: campaign mode only

    I have this game on the xbox its fun
  3. this didnt work for me either im still trying to get sound working on my computer
  4. iPAD

    I hope i can afford one when they come out on the shelves