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    NVidia GeForce 8600M GT 256MB Problem

    I have allready try this Dsdt mod, but not whit nvcap. Only added my nvcap in enabler and injecters. Is this not the same result as dsdt with nvcap? Anaway.. I will try, and will let you know if it works EDIT.. It does not work. It´s the same as the enabler and injecter. Internal screen is black, and external work with qe/ci!
  2. andersbjerreg

    NVidia GeForce 8600M GT 256MB Problem

    Hi.. I am running 10.6.2 and 10.5.8 completely without problems! But my internal screen is always black.! I have try many injecters/enablers and efi strings. But can´t find any solution to my problem! Are there anyone out there, that have 8600m running with internal screen enabled (with qe/ci ofcourse?) Then I really want to hear from you, what you have done to get this work. Thx Here is a dump from nvenabler. And bios dump. Edited_nve_1.txt NY.ROM.zip
  3. andersbjerreg

    USB wireless

    Hi again.. Do you know how to autoconnect when boot? I have to connect, and retype password for wireless every time i reboot..? Thx
  4. andersbjerreg

    USB wireless

    You are the man! Thx
  5. andersbjerreg

    USB wireless

    Hi.. I have seach alot, and found some usb wireless dongle that will work with leopard. But can´t find any dongle for snow laopard!? Can that be right? Thx
  6. andersbjerreg

    Drivers for 8600M GS

    Hi.. I have a problem with my 8600m and my internal laptop screen. When I have qe/ci I get black screen, but my vga out works perfect! I have try alot of things. Efi, DSDT and Nvinject, but can´t get it to work with internal! I have find out my nvcap and EDID string, and added it to the NVenabler. But still no luck.. Any suggestions to what I can do/try? I have make a dump, if that could help you? NVEnabler_ioreg_dump_10.5.7.txt Thx