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  1. Sorry for the semi-necro bump. But... I am experiencing this EXACT same issue. Has this issue been resolved elsewhere? If anyone knows of other threads that cover this topic I would be very grateful for a URL. Amiram did you find a way that solved this problem for you?
  2. Hi, I am trying to get the following to work: 00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:293e] (rev 03) And as far as I can tell I should be able to get this working since so many others have got it to work using pretty simple methods. However, so far, no luck. After several different kexts there is only on thing that seems to remain the same in my system.log: Feb 3 13:44:15 This-Mac com.apple.kextd[10]: Kext id com.apple.driver.AppleHDAController not found; removing personalities. Feb 3 13:44:15 This-Mac com.apple.kextd[10]: String/URL conversion failure. Feb 3 13:44:16 This-Mac com.apple.kextd[10]: Can't load /System/Library/Extensions/SleepEnabler.kext - validation problems. Feb 3 13:44:16 This-Mac com.apple.kextd[10]: Failed to load /System/Library/Extensions/SleepEnabler.kext - (libkern/kext) validation failure (plist/executable). Feb 3 13:44:16 This-Mac com.apple.kextd[10]: Load sk.triaxis.kext.SleepEnabler failed; removing personalities. Could someone give some insight as to where I can get a new AppleHDAController file? It's obviously missing somehow. Is it on the original SL DVD? If so, where? Thank you, Gasher
  3. Hi there... sorry to wake up an old thread like this but this seemed to work so well that I just could not resist asking. I have the exact same sound card (00:1b.0 Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:293e] (rev 03)) in my Clevo M571TU and I followed this recipe to the dot... still I get no audio what so ever. No input or output. Are there any capital errors that I could be making whilst following this method? Would be VERY grateful for any advice you can give me. Thank you, Gasher
  4. Enabling Quartz Extreme for 9800m GTS

    Hello again... Well... for some ungodly reason I was not getting NVenabler to work when I was using it previously... HOWEVER... after having downloaded OSX86 Tools I used it's suite of scripts which make all the needed "hands on" kind of stuff after having messed with (amongst others) kernel extensions. Rebooted once. System hung. Rebooted a second time, unplugging ethernet cable and USB mouse. It boots... AND QE/CI WORKING! Somehow, somewhere, I must not have performed the correct hands on procedures after having manipulated the kexts directory. Anyways... it works now and I am thrilled to see this wonderful computer performing EXTREMELY well with my favorite operating system! Still to come though... Why is the system refusing to boot when I have the ethernet cable and USB mouse plugged in? Will I ever find kexts for my beloved wireless Intel Corporation Unknown device [8086:4235] (its supposed to be the Intel WiFi 533AN 450Mbit Wireless module). But most importantly... the soundcard... Audio device [0403]: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller [8086:293e] (rev 03). Some kind of Intel HDA card and VoodooHDA kext is not responding. I'll keep on working... sorry for some off topic data in the thread. If you think you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know. Thanks for your help Beerkex'd! /Gasher
  5. Enabling Quartz Extreme for 9800m GTS

    Hello again Beerkex'd, I read up on the information you gave me and as far as I can see, the guide you referenced me to (this one). Is out of date, either by about a year or by half a year, depending on what other information and postings (espec. from Krazubu) that I take into consideration. The problem is that the post to which Krazubu directs people in need for their NVCAP string, has been partially deleted (this post). Instead it is suggested that people use NVEnabler. I tried to dig up as much as I could on this NVEnabler extension but when I check it in property list editor I can not find any relevant information which would help me reveal my NVCAP string. New question: What is the best way for people without the access to a windows installation (to extract the ROM from video card and then use NVCAP Maker) to create the NVCAP string for a 9800M GTX with 1024MB vram? Thank you, Gasher
  6. Enabling Quartz Extreme for 9800m GTS

    Thank you. I will do this.
  7. Enabling Quartz Extreme for 9800m GTS

    I am having some serious issues with my 9800M GTX on a rebranded Clevo M571TU (Zepto A17 Hydra)... I am trying to get 10.6.1 running (SnowOSX Universal 3.5) but I am having no luck getting QE/CI working. After my second reinstall and a very detailed post over on infinitemac I am at a loss. I would post my full details in a new post here but alas, new members are not allowed to create new threads. Does anyone know if this method would be applicable for the 9800M GTX (1024 MB VRAM) as well? Thank you in advance, Gasher