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  1. so.. I'm buying a 22 inch widescreen as external sceen for my lappy to use for some photoshop/3D modelling/watching mouvies There are a lot of options in the same price region (250-350 euros) which seem to have the samespecifications; but I guess numbers don't tell everything; and I'd also like to buy some good stuff that 'll last as long as possible; so any of you who has one of these or knows about their quality can leave me some hints these are the options: liyama Pro Lite E2200WSV-B1 264,26 € Packard Bell Maestro 221w 277,14 € Acer AL2216Wsd 277,33 € belinea 2225 S1W 278,08 € Fujitsu Siemens Scaleoview L22W-2 279,13 € benq FP222Wa 292,50 € Fujitsu Siemens Scenic E22-1WGL 303,47 € belinea 2230 S1W 304,75 € Fujitsu Siemens Scaleoview L22W-3 307,00 € acer X222W 316,55 € liyama Pro Lite E2200WS 317,67 € philips 220WS8FB 323,25 € philips 220WS8FS 323,32 € acer AL2223W 329,68 € samsung 225BW 330,56 € lg L226WTQ-SF 344,95 € Personaly I like the lg L226WTQ-SF most (but that's based on its looks only I guess ) so i ask myself if it's worth the extra price.. any advice is welcome!
  2. New Front Row - Looks like Apple TV!

    cool, looks good !
  3. Any news on the latest.....

    wwdc leopard release I guess? dunno.. but it 'll be there one day i'm shure
  4. Leaked Keynote For Tomorrows WWDC

    I think it's fake to, but applestores in Europe would be nice indeed
  5. Parallels 3.0 available for download

    I think it's just great! works really good on my hackintosh. The only thing that kept me from deleting my windoze partition where programs like inventor and autocad; so I guess I can finaly go ahead and get rid of windows for once and for all. the only problem is that 3ds max ain't really working :s I hope it won't be long until it does
  6. hey prasys thx a lot! It works fine on my centrino core 2 duo T5600 laptop! it changes between 1000-1333 and 1833 mhz, both cores working fine! (i'm using 10.4.9 kernel) cores are now 54°C (where between 62 and 72 before) The only thing that happens is "about this mac" doesn't work anymore , but isn't there some fix for that?
  7. Autodesk Autocad+Mechanical Desktop+Inventor

    I tried with Crossover but I'm getting nowhere further than launching the installer, starting the install and getting a lot off errors (like .net framework 3 could not be installed, and I need IE6 and so on..)
  8. CAD software

    I use autocad, mechanical desktop and inventor. (by "use" I mean "am learning at university") I like Inventor a lot for 3d, but it's meant for technical use (I study industrial design) So if you want to make funny looking aliens or so I think you'd have to go for 3dsmax (which I don't really know, I only sometimes use it for rendering) Sketchup is really cool in fact to do some basic legostyle stuff. I use it too if I want to make something easy really fast.. If you are a student (you need a univesity emailadress) you download inventor and 3dsmax educational (which is a full version) for free at https://students.autodesk.com ) (those are windows software)
  9. Useful Menubar apps?

    himmelbar +1
  10. Would it be possible to run these in os x? I know parallels and graphics is no good match, so that's not an option. But I've seen people playing cs:source on a mac using Crossover, so I guess OpenGL is supported in crossover (which is needed for those programs). The problem is that I don't really know how crossover works, and if it will work with the programs mentioned above.. anybody knows if this will be possible, maybe with some other app...?
  11. wow this is quite awesome. After installing okik's package on my core2duo 5600 lappie my xbench score went form 75 to 130 ! Haven't tested sleep jet because I'm to exited looking forward tot some final version! thx paulicat and okik !!
  12. Broadcom 5789 on Acer 5672wlmi

    yes we know that, but there's really a lot of us using this card, and ethernet is something basic to be really able to use your hackintosh, also I don't think the solution will be too hard to find (but what do I know... :s) so I'm hoping someone who knows this stuff would spend some time in figuring out how we will get this device to work on our beloved hackintosch..
  13. Broadcom 5789 on Acer 5672wlmi

    c'mon, there must be someone who has a clue how to make it work.. By adding dev and ven id to info.plist the card is recognised but allways says no cable is plugged in.. so that's something to start with no?