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  1. Protools HD 8.0.3, HD2 PCI, X58 topic

    Same here on X58 with HD2. No problems so far... even the onboard audio is working and a second network card I popped in...
  2. I think Hardware RAID is not supported... turn off and try again... I have the same setup (EX58-UD3) and the system is running great (a bit hot thou)
  3. Hi Pepechuelo, It's not really slow, but just not amazing... tried XBench. Will try Geekbench soon and post it...
  4. I just wanted to post my experience doing this amazing Kakewalk... MoBo Gigabyte EX85-UD3R i7 920 Gigabyte GeForce 9800XT 512MB Corsair XMS DDR3-1600 Did the USB Install. Prepared an USB drive on a Mac Book. Have to say I'm a Mac User since the early 90s... ...and except I had to build the computer myself... there was no difference to other Mac installs The "Mac" bootet up without having anything adjusted on the MoBo. So I had to restart to get to the Bios. Which was the hardest thing to do on this whole process (for a Mac User...) A few adjustments on the BIOS (like written in the guide) and voila! Ethernet, Sound, FW my Pro Tools HD2 Accel and my Canopus DV video converter is working like they should. No Problems so far. The only thing I'm not sure about is the hard drive performance, compared to a real MacPro. Does anybody has a similar experience? It seems it's the same like on my G5. Not too bad, but not as stunning as on a MacPro. Another thing that didn't work was a Sonnet FW800 card (just gave it one try and it might be a problem in combination with the PT HD cards) Great work mrjanek and all the others