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  1. Hey Tweak41 thanxs so much for your reply! I actually did! Everything is working so far. Updated to 10.6.4 , and replaced the HLA ketx to keep audio working. The only issue that I have now is that Bonjour doesn't seem to be working right. I'm searching right now for info on this matter. Thank you for the great work and the will to help others out! wish you a nice day / night! R.
  2. Hey there! first of all many thanks for all the info, guidance and help! I installed everything, and it boots perfectly from my USB stick. But after installing CR5 on my HDD so I don't need the stick any longer the system stops booting. I get the DONT Sign on top of the apple on the boot screen and then the system hangs. Any Ideas on this? I mean experiences with this behavior after installing SL using the updated guide?? any help is highly appreciated! thanks R.