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  1. OK so i finally got Yosemite installed using clover. I got the Ethernet and the graphics card working. But before i got the graphics card working using kext files. It was SUPER laggy and choppy but now i got it working it is less laggy than before and graphics are still pixelated. I don't know if this is a framebuffer issue, Speedstep, or something i didn't do right. I have been on Google for more than 3 days and i'm getting nowhere Please help!!!
  2. Dell d620 lion install help

    im trying install Mac os lion on my dell d620 with gma950. i created to usb install fine. but once it starts to boot up it will do a verbose boot then the last thing it says before it freezes it says "Setting Legacy USB Off on controller" "Legacy USB Off Done" then it goes to a black screen
  3. ok I recently installed ipc 10.5.6 on my flash drive and for some reason i cant change the resolution for nothing its on 1024x768 i tried "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32" at startup and boot.plist and still wont change i really need help cause it really looks like {censored} from here I Have A Ati Xpress 200m
  4. 10.4.8 wifi not working

    I have installed mac os x tiger 10.4.8 on my flash drive and the wifi doesn't work i have an antheros AR5006EG Wlan And i Cant Even connect to the internet only ethernet is there anyway to fix this problem cause im tried of running windows and i really wanna get this hackintosh up and running
  5. Which os x is best for my pc

    ok every time i install and run it gives me a kernal panic are any leopards not snow leopard that will work
  6. Which os x is best for my pc

    Ok i tried To install but i keep getting a kernal panic I really need Help cause i dont know what to install in customization Someone please help me
  7. Which os x is best for my pc

    ok but still which one do you think will work best
  8. Which os x is best for my pc

    ok im a noob at installing Mac os x on pc i seen alot of mac os x leopard for pc but i wanna know which one is best for my pc my specs are here http://www.meetgadget.com/gadget/19268/HP+...on+p6320y/specs