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  1. System Caching low?

    I'm running 32 bit mode. So its definitely not the kernel. I AM getting awesome performance though. It blows my WIN7 right out of the water
  2. System Caching low?

    Mach Virtual Memory Statistics: (page size of 4096 bytes) Pages free: 618632. Pages active: 47480. Pages inactive: 35967. Pages speculative: 44698. Pages wired down: 39599. "Translation faults": 369694. Pages copy-on-write: 48254. Pages zero filled: 140021. Pages reactivated: 0. Pageins: 17040. Pageouts: 0. Object cache: 7 hits of 3253 lookups (0% hit rate) So mine is similar... I run 10.6.3 on a Toshiba Satellite P100 custom with 4 gigs of ram... 2x2
  3. Yes, that is absolutely right behaviour. You need to "repair" with your windows disk. But in order for that to happen, you'll need to set the windows partition active. So boot up the install disk, and use SHIFT+F10 to open terminal. Use diskutil to set your partition active (Use help for the right commands). HINT: You need to SELECT things first. Select disk, select partition, active. Now Use ALT+TAB to go to the other screen, and repair it. Once this is done, set your OSX partition active again, and boot into it with your boot CD, and install chameleon. Or skip this last step and use easyBCD. Its up to you. Also, if you're running this on a "real" mac, then chameleon won't work.
  4. Sleep handicapping my notebook?

    After a few nerve wracking hours, I fixed it- all I had to do was to get the BIOS to reset to defaults- I know it seems kinda idiotic I did not do it before, but I changed practically every option pertaining to OSX to make it boot- and this being a notebook, there weren't a lot of options. And I tried every possible combination- the menu only allowed me to change Execute-bit, and proc cores (1/2). I guess resetting it to defaults changes EVERY value in BIOS, regardless of whether it is accessible or not. Which raises the question- did this happen because OSX somehow changed something in my BIOS? There really isn't any other explanation that I can come up with that explains how the BIOS boot gets slowed down with no hard drive. Anyway, it is a big relief to get my dual boot system back. I'll post about the touchpad tomorrow if I can't fix it- I hope this helps someone stuck with a similar problem, just get into BIOS and reset it to defaults.
  5. Hey I recently installed SL 10.6.3 retail on my Toshiba Satellite P100 and got almost everything working. Extracted, fixed, and recompiled the DSDT, so the GeForce graphics work with QE/CI without additional drivers. The sound, lan, and wifi doesn' work. The touchpad works when I boot from Legacy Empire Efi CD, but not when I have the same kext loaded in E/E. Strange problem that I will tackle later, when (and if!) I fix this bigger problem. I installed Win 7 today(mainly for lan, wifi, and sound). Successfully set up chameleon for dual boot. Both OSes were working fine. Then I wanted to show off the system to a friend, so I rebooted it. All previous reboots were fine. THIS time, I accidentally hit 'Sleep' instead. Now even the Toshiba banner that comes up at power on comes on slowly(Like a scan). Then (after a while) chameleon comes up, and that's where it gets stuck. I took out the hard drive. That did not help, the logo still came up really slowly. I took out the ram for a minute, then put it back. No change. How do I get it to boot now? It refuses to boot even the Empire EFI disk. That disk gets stuck at the ramdisk message. Somebody, anybody, tell me how to fix this! It's like the sleep made the CPU go really slow, and now it isn't coming back! Is that possible? P.S. I had no idea where this belongs... EDIT: I am able to boot a copy of Knoppix 5.1 from a Linux Live CD if that helps. I have no idea what to do with it, though...
  6. Hey I'm adding to the problem than solving it, unfortunately. I've been trying to get SL installed on a Toshiba Satellite P!00, but I have issues with its DSDT. I managed to extract it, and this guide helped me a lot- http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-473996.html It is for Linux, but seems to be working for the guy. I have similar errors on my DSDT, but after following the instructions to the T, I still have errors on compile. If somebody would have a look at the attached DSDT and fix it so it compiles without errors or warnings, I would be very grateful. The only differences are that my BIOS ver is 4.4 against his 3.3, but the DSDT sections, as far as I can tell, have remained unchanged. I can add additional info if anyone needs it. Fixing the DSDT would fix the sound, which seems to be inoperative on a lot of P100 notebooks. So somebody, please help! Or at least sending me on the right path would be great. P.S. I've attached the unaltered iasl outputdsdt_fixed.txt