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  1. As this thread seems to be slowly dying I thought I'd comment that I'm in no rush to move to Lion. My Lifehacker hack works great under the latest Snow Leopard release. I've got two real Macs running Lion (a late 08 MacBook Pro and a summer i7 BTO iMac) and I have to say I'm very underwhelmed by Lion. It's slow and unstable in my experience. In fact the IT folks here @ the U are calling Lion "Apple's Vista." Think I'll wait until 10.8 to build another hack.
  2. So for those of us with standard Lifehacker/Stella installs it seems the best way to get to Lion would be to take our extra B/U HD, reinstall OS 10.6 using the Tony Mac X86 method on it, update it it 10.6.8 and then follow the latest "install Lion" guide on Lifehacker. Does that sound about right guys?
  3. Taking Havec's advice, I cloned my primary 10.6.7 1TB HD to both my installed 1TB backup and to a spare 750GB WD Black HD I had laying around. I hooked the WD Black drive up via the PCI eSATA bracket that came with our MBs. I then installed 10.6.8 on the WD Black drive. The restart after install failed. After waiting 5 minutes I hit the front panel restart button and the system came up fine. Replaced the 10.6.8 AppleHD.kext with the previous 10.6.7 one (as explained above) and rebuilt the database with KextUtility (v2.50b). After a restart my audio was back. No problems with network access, probably due to using a PCI network card vice the board network. This is a great forum! Now on to Lion!
  4. I guess after reading all of the posts on problems with updating to 10.6.8 I'm a chicken. So far I haven't seen anything in 10.6.8 over 10.6.7 to say I have to do it. I've got a standard Lifehacker build with a PCI network card and a Nvidia GTS 250 video card. It's updated flawlessly since I built it in Oct 2009. Since we'll probably have to have to jump through a lot of hoops in a few weeks time to upgrade to Lion (perhaps shifting to a software setup form TonyMac) I think I'll sit on the fence for this one. Anybody disagree?
  5. OK, I've got a fairly standard Lifehacker/Stella Hack that I built in late Sep/early Oct 09. Only substantive changes were to use a C2D E4500 and an EVGA GTS 250 1GB video card. Since the build I updated it with the Stella V3 installer so that I could do the 10.6.3 update. Since then I've done all of the updates up through 10.6.7 (a couple of days ago). The build has been very stable with only 2 small issues. First, when I boot up the machine startup goes normally through the bios screens, then I get the boot loader selection screen (I have a main HD and a cloned backup HD) and then the grey apple as the OS loads. When the grey apple disappears and the desktop should appear, about 30 - 40% of the time I get a blue screen. I then press the reset button on the box and most of the time I then get to the desktop and login screen (sometimes I have to go through the reset step again). Any idea why or what I can do to keep it from happening? Second, in System Profiler my video card chipset model is listed as "Unknown." GPU acceleration does seem to be enabled (checked it with the Chess game). Is this a problem and is there a video card driver update that I could do? Thanks.
  6. Guys, In preparation to update my pretty standard Lifehacker setup (v3 installer, running 10.6.2) I'd like to clone my current 1TB HD to another 1TB internal SATA HD so that if something goes wrong I've got a fallback. Are there any special tricks using Carbon Copy Cloner to do this? Thanks.
  7. OK, I've got a fairly standard Lifehacker/Stella Hack that I built in late Sep/early Oct. Only substantive changes were to use a C2D E4500 and a MSI NX8600GT Twin Turbo video card, both left overs from an upgrade cycle on my Windows 7 box. Upgraded the Hack to 10.6.1 without issue and then upgraded to 10.6.2, also without issue. With 10.6.3 soon upon us I started poking around this forum. The ONLY issue I've had is that the 256MB VRAM of my video card shows up as 512MB in System Profiler. I've never thought that was a big deal and it doesn't bother me unless it could cause problems in the future. I'm 90% sure I used the V1 Stella MAgic Installer. After reading about the V3 update, and the auto detect for graphics cards, I'm considering doing it. Most of the references to V3 discuss doing it on a clean install or on an install still at 10.6.1. The box is very stable so I don't want to mess it up. Is there a step by step guide for updating an existing install to V3? Thanks