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  1. I disabled the igpu and the issue was solved. I also installed Lilu and NvidiaGraphicsFixup and also fixed ibooks and xcode. Thanks so much !
  2. The IGPU is enabled I think i'm using SMBIOS iMac 14.2 I'm not using NvidiaGraphicsFixup and Lilu .. should I ? Thanks !
  3. Hello, I have a i5 4440 , Z87D3HP, 8 gb of ram and a GTX 460 700 mb. While using the nvidia card and the nvidia web drivers, i'm getting blurry ui elements ( in the menubar apple logo, dropbox , spotlight search icon, all the finder sidebar icons) I have tried the last two versions of the nvidia web driver. While using the igpu , everything is ok. On Windows, the GPU is working as intended. Thanks. https://imgur.com/a/iNBCa
  4. Best videocard for Mountain Lion?

    @iLeopod - thanks for the answer but my gts250 doesn't have HDMI. I am using one DVI to VGA adapter for the monitor and one DVI to HDMI for the LCD TV. Do you know a solution for my problem (mountain lion does not boot if lcd tv is connected to my video card ) , maybe a way to make dual display ? Thanks in advance
  5. Best videocard for Mountain Lion?

    One quick question : I have installed Mountain Lion on my system ( Core 2 duo 4300, 4 gb ram, Gigabyte 965g ds3, msi gts 250 1gb oc ). When i try to connect second monitor (lcd tv via dvi to hdmi adapter + hdmi cable) the mountain lion does not start anymore (white screen at startup). The video card worked out of the box after installation. Any advice to benefit of dual display ? Thanks in advance