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  1. AtherosL1Ethernet problem

    So did it finally work for you?
  2. AtherosL1Ethernet problem

    I think I know what you mean. It happened to me too a few times. After installing the above chameleon version and removing and re-adding the wifi support under networks, it got fixed somehow. I don't have any ehternet cable plugged in, nor have I added it to my network devices. I'll attach some screen with what settings I have now.
  3. Mountain Lion DP4 - constant restart

    Fixed this by installing chameleon 2.1 svn 1820.
  4. AtherosL1Ethernet problem

    I managed to solve all this by installing chameleon 2.1 svn 1820. I read somewhere that specific version worked for someone else too. Now I can boot without usb or cpus=1 flag. I can log into Icloud and the Appstore. On ocasions I get a cpu0 or cpu2 kernel panic, but after a restart it goes back to normal. Big thanks for the provided kext, I owe you a beer
  5. AtherosL1Ethernet problem

    Installing the kext gave me cpu0 kernel panic. I had to boot with cpus=1. Managed to log in to Icloud and Appstore, however I cannot use my system to it's full potential. The thing is I boot my system up with myhack usb stick, installed chameleon either restarts or stops at grachics card check. I will experiment more. I'll try installing DSDT, perhaps it will fix the cpu kernel panic. Thank you for the kext. I am one step closer to fix everything.
  6. AtherosL1Ethernet problem

    my ethernet is : AR8152 ven id 1969 dev id 2060
  7. strange so this might be ethernet related...weird. I have wifi. Notes and reminders both work. I'll fix the Ethernet first and come back with the results. Thanks for your help.
  8. my problem is that when i double tap the hot key the dictation option closes automatically after 1-2 seconds. any idea why?
  9. I installed ML with myhack 3.1. My dualboot was damaged, so I re-installed chameleon. Now I cannot boot into ML the system keeps restarting. If I use the myhack USB stick I can boot into ML. I suspect this is related to chameleon version. I will post later a printscreen where the system hangs before restart. Sorry if this topic has already been opened/solved.
  10. [Issue + Fix] iCloud and iMessage

    I have a similar topic opened regarding Ethernet. I'll try this chameleon edit thing. As I remember DSDT did not work for me as I needed my graphics card to work and DSDT was not helping.
  11. AtherosL1Ethernet problem

    I installed ML with myhack 3.1 and yes everything I messed up, I replaced back with the original file. I'll get back to you with more details later today. Also Chameleon wizard has an "enable built in Ethernet" function. I'll try that as well.
  12. AtherosL1Ethernet problem

    I will investigate that. The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L650-1QJ. The thing is under Lion I used the xxxxxx lion edition that includes AtherosL1Ethernet.kext and one from http://www.osx86.net...?do=file&id=895. I noticed if I use xxxxx under Mountain Lion, it messes with my install, so I just copied the IONetworkingFamily.kext from Lion and repaired permissions. This messed up my wifi, so I went back to the original IONetworkingFamily.kext
  13. AtherosL1Ethernet problem

    I have the same problem. My wifi works, but I need ethernet support to log into Icloud, Appstore, etc. I will test a few thinks and post my findings if I find a solution.
  14. Ati Radeon HD 5650 on Lion 10.7 with CI/QE

    cpus=1 is not an issue anymore on Mountain Lion DP4 for me. I got full QE/CI but didn't have to use the full method described here. I did use my base 64 EDID file, didn't use the boot file, no DSDT, other ATi kext then ML provided already. Instalation method was myhack 3.1. One thing to solve is the use of myhack USB stick to boot up the system. Installed Chameleon keeps restarting. Have to check myhack chameleon version.
  15. Ati Radeon HD 5650 on Lion 10.7 with CI/QE

    Has anyone tried Mountain Lion with this graphics card? I'll give it a try and post my findings here. Also would appreciate if someone could help me drop the cpus=1 flag from my system.