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  1. How do you edit and install this fix? I am unfamiliar with .kext files. Where is this one located? Where did you edit it to put in your pci code? I have the Dell Studio 1555 which has the same 1397 wireless lan mini card. Help please. Mark Downing
  2. Please tell me how to use the kext file(s) for the Dell Studio 1555 Dell 1397 WLan wireless? I am new to OSX and don't know how to use these kext files. I understood you to say that we can use the broadcom file? How so? Respectfully Mark Downing
  3. Lan and Wireless card drivers

    I have the Dell Studio 1555 with the 1397 WLAN wireless card. Did you ever get yours to work? If so how? Respectfully Mark
  4. What wireless cards would you like to see fixed?

    Hi, I have the Dell Studio 1555 which has Dell Wireless 1397 Mini WLAN card. I have no idea how to install or even edit a KEXT file if one exists. I am running the Kalyway 10.5.2. distribution of OS-X. Any help would be appreciated Respectfully Mark Downing