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  1. Broadcom BCM4321 - Lion

    i have a BCM4320, any mean to get it work on 10.7.3?
  2. Does this even work on 10.7.3??? any solution coming soon?
  3. Guide to Broadcom 4306 in Lion wifi card

    Does THis work for BCM4320 on Lion 10.7.3?
  4. - have SL 10.6.8 installed and on dual boot with windows 7 ultimate on same drive - want to upgrade to 10.7 without losing any data,application,settings,etc - without losing dual booting capabilities - Use an Asus P5G41 MLX board with Core 2 Duo processor - 4GB ram - got your installation media prepared as in your guide but computer just shut down after i choose installation language on the first screen of lion installation - firstly, will using your guide make it possible what i want to do above - secondly why is the 'crash' happening and how to resolve this?
  5. Hi there, thanks for sharing this with us all but i am having a problem with the installation media which you seem to have use easily, on booting on the installation media(pen) just after choosing installation langugae on first screen, all processes seem to go to halt and my computer shuts down. any help on why this is happening?
  6. Hi there! i have already a dual boot with SL 10.6.8 and windows 7 and would really love to be able to just update the SL to lion. Correct me if am wrong but of what i have read so far in your guide this should be possible with it, but i am having a little problem after following every step to create the installation media, i boot up the drive all right but on the main screen where u are to choose your language, it shut down my computer after selecting my language. Can you please help me with this? thanks you in advance.