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  1. SheepShaver & Basilisk II

    It's all ok with your HDD. Did you hear about HFS+ and extended attributes? Warn to all SheepShaver users - set "extfs" key in your config file to separate folder created specially for exchange between osx and classic, not root folder / !!! You cant see some of your files and folders cause classic macos set some extended attrs to these files and osx for some reason did not uderstand it correctly. To remove extended attrs from file or folder use SetFile command. /Developer/Tools/SetFile -a avbstclinmedz MyFile
  2. SheepShaver and Basilisk II compiled without a problem! Get latest sources from CVS and build staticaly against SDL. Here is a screenshot and download link for SheepShaver: Screenshot of SheepShaver running on my Intelmac: http://s5.ultrashare.net/hosting/fs/acc807c58cddf5fd/ Link to Basilisk II will come later (do some patches, still need testing..) SheepShaver's speed is acceptable on my i915GL box and Basilisk II just fly in fullscreen mode. :-) Sound works ok. but network is unimplemented under OSX. Although I think it's possible, later I'll try to do it... PS: Basilisk II is a m68k emulator capable to run System 7.x - Mac OS 8.1 SheepShaver is a PPC emulator capable to run Mac OS 8.5 - Mac OS 9.0.4 Faust93
  3. Linker reports error cause of Growl.framework precompiled for PPC! Replace it with x86 version. Search forum/wiki, there exist x86 binary of this framework already. or compile it yourself.
  4. Faust93's Ports

    what wrong with it? it compiles without any error! but i've no themes to test it.
  5. Faust93's Ports

    I'm on deadmoo's 10.4.1. Yes, core of shakespeer is cross-platform and consist from two CLI daemons - sphubd and sphashd, aqua gui is just a wrapper for them. About use of Xcode - you can always compile Xcode projects from command line too, just use /usr/bin/xcodebuild. Concerning different size - i don't know why.. need to analyze ppc package to figure out. You're right about automake, and it's included in Xcode tools by default, but shakespeer's autogen.sh needs latest version of it to generate configure script, so i download and compile it myself. Yep, the whole thing builds from command line.
  6. Faust93's Ports

    yep, Gkrellm is fine tool.. but afraid that porting it'll be not a trivial task. First - it uses GTK (not a problem, just need X11 running), second (most significant) - monitoring plugins for Gkrellm heavily depends on /proc filesystem and as i know - darwin lack it. btw. I've ported X Resource Graph - osx native tool similar to Gkrellm. try it. Download Link: http://s2.ultrashare.net/hosting/fs/3857730deb0c860c/
  7. Faust93's Ports

    Shakespeer 0.8-1CVS x86. http://s1.ultrashare.net/hosting/fs/69225ff53ffcdbbc/ What I've done: 1. Give it fresh automake 2. Ruby scipt - parse-iso3166.rb - doesn't work (Apple's Ruby build broken? complains about undefined _rb_define_module_under symbol in /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/powerpc-darwin8.0/socket.bundle). Fetch iso-3166 list (txt file with country codes) manualy and modify .rb script to get it from file instead of http. 3. Remove -Werror flag from gui/Aqua/Makefile (otherwise it stops compiling after first warning) 4. Figure out problem with connection to selected hub. gui/Aqua/SPPublicHubsController.m in (void)setHubsFromList:(GList *)hublist procedure. I'm novice to Cocoa/Obj-C so I don't know exactly why default construction doesn't work but after i've modify [hub setObject:[str truncatedString:NSLineBreakByTruncatingTail] forKey:@"address"] to [hub setObject:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%s",[str UTF8String]] forKey:@"address"] it works ok! ps: sorry for my bad english. my native is russian :-)
  8. Faust93's Ports

    ok. but it's tricky one.. i've compiled it (needs fresh automake and some modifications in .rb script) . it runs, get a hub list but can't connect to any selected hub.. i'll see why a bit later, have no time for now..
  9. Faust93's Ports

    yes! coz it depends on X11 based GTK. As far as i know here exist native Carbon or QD based GTK port, may be later i'll try build xmms using this native GTK framework.
  10. Faust93's Ports

    hmm.. i'm on deadmoo's 10.4.1. I miss smthing? is 10.4.2 patched & available on torrents already?
  11. Update. XMMS 1.10.20 XFactor Nagra Browser GeekTool 2 http://oz86.blogspot.com/
  12. fresh x86 binz

    blog with some x86 binz http://oz86.blogspot.com
  13. ToyViewer4.62 & Chmox-0.4

    fresh x86 binz from uncle Faust93! :mellow: ToyViewer4.62 - an image viewer/editor http://s2.ultrashare.net/hosting/fs/140627bebb3b47d6/ Chmox-0.4 - .chm viewer http://s6.ultrashare.net/hosting/fs/c53ab9a608cd455a/
  14. MenuMeters1.2.2 & Tiger Launch

    look at !!! READ ME FIRST !!! Drag MenuCracker.menu to menubar on the top of the screen and drop it here! (near volume control for example)
  15. MenuMeters1.2.2 http://s1.ultrashare.net/hosting/fs/98e0655d997315a8/ Tiger Launch http://s1.ultrashare.net/hosting/fs/516afd44032cc6f3/