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  1. G73SW ML 10.8.2 Install

    Hey there! I was wondering if any of you guys are still around... I have a G73SW-BST6, and I'm missing just a few functions that should be working... Installed 10.8.5, installed Enoch, used the Dec10.zip extras folder, and the last DSDT posted. I'm currently up and running, everything works perfectly, the speedstep appears to work, the sound works well, sleep works...I haven't tested HDMI yet, but my issue now is screen backlight and GPU 'speedstepping'. No matter what I try, I can't get the backlight keys (F5/F6) to adjust the backlight. Also, my GPU is locked into max speed (675Mhz), which really wrecks battery life, and makes a ton of heat. I'm suspecting the problem is that most G73SW comps run a 1.5GB 460m. Mine is the cheapo one, its only 1GB. As much as I've messed with Hackintoshes over time, I still don't know correct ways around DSDT patches and whatnot. What do I need to do to get these things working? (I've tried the efi string? that was in the 10.9 topic early on, but I guess it didn't change much because it was probably for the 1.5GB 460m (they have different device ids)) Also, side note: What Wifi/BT cards do you have that work? I know I need to get an Atheros/Broadcom, but I currently just have the Intel chip...which one do I need to buy? Thanks, Atarian
  2. Is there anyway to go from a myHack booting Snow Leopard, currently 380GB with 120GB unallocated, and install Windows? I'm currently trying to install stuff in VirtualBox, but I need as much power as possible for Sony Vegas and games...