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  1. Issues with USB->Serial Adapter

    So, it turns out that I was booting in x64 mode.. Keyspan drivers don't work in x64 bah
  2. Issues with USB->Serial Adapter

    This driver did nothing for me at all.. i have no clue if its even for the same chipset as keyspan uses...
  3. Ok, I have a Keyspan 19HS USB->Serial adapter, that works just fine under SL on my MBP. But, when I attempt to use it on my i7 Hackintosh (ex58-ud5 mobo) the drivers never register the device. I've contacted Keyspan, and they have no clue whats up. At this point in time I have no clue what steps to take to even being finding a fix for this. Here is a screengrab from system profiler.. http://i.imgur.com/zlWEU.png
  4. I have not tested Firewire, or Dual Head on my system as of yet. OnBoard Audio functions quite well. I recently wrote a blog post detailing my install process.. http://tony.mattke.net/2010/02/22/the-holy-hackintosh-build/ Let me know if I can help.
  5. Thanks, I've noticed some odd things regarding the ethernet ports... the connection shows up as 0mbit in Network Utility, and iStat doesn't seem to register any traffic going across it... odd Update: It appears that lots are having issues with iStat Menus... as for the Network Utility issue is probably just some odd driver thing..
  6. I was booting into 32bit (specificly passing -v and arch=i386 at the bootloader prompt) I gave up on the digital dreamer script, attempted rebel efi with no success, and ended up using the myHack RC5 which worked like a charm! I just have a couple issues left to work out, including sleep (sometimes doesn't wake up the video... ), and I just had a crash when issuing a reboot from the console (screen grey'd out and told me I had to reboot!)
  7. As of last night, everything is working 100% -- including sleep. Previous to my discussion on IRC last night, my machine was running great, except when I woke from sleep the beast would reboot!! Apparently the fix is simple enough though. Go into System Preferences -> Enegery Saver and turn on Start up automaticly after power failure. (altho this was the only change I needed to make, they also mentioned that under Security you need to ensure Use secure virtual memory is turned off... ) Anyway, everything else works, its running like a dream, dual booting w/ Win7. If anyone is interested to hear more, or has any questions, let me know! Thanks!!
  8. Well, I gave up on both Digital Dreamers script, and the Empire EFI -- myHack was the way to go. It takes much less time, and I don't have to remove the drive from the machine! Anyway, everything is up and running, I need to do some editing on my smbios.plist and make sure sleep is working ok, but other than that I have everything up and solid. Here is a geek bench screenshot! http://i.imgur.com/JtFCi.jpg -Tony
  9. So yeah, I'm having some issues getting my hackintosh to boot for the first time after following the digital dreamer's guide... Here is a link to the post I made in that thread, if anyone could help that would be great.. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...d=1403306
  10. Ok, so I'm attempting my first hackintosh build, but alas, I am having issues. System is a ga-ex58-ud5, i7 920, nvidia gtx 275. I followed the guide, installing from my MBP (using a Sata->USB dock), popped my drive into the system and I get a nice black screen after it starts loading (not too far after its talking about waiting for DSMOS? or something.. ) Here is a (bad) image of my screen just before it goes black (monitor tries to switch between analog and digital.. almost like you unplugged the cable or something) http://grab.by/2ba7 Any suggestions? Thanks for the help in advance! ( not sure if this is the issue or not, but do I need to install a kext during the first install process to have video since I'm not using an ATI card like DD is ? )
  11. My parts just got here!!! http://grab.by/2aQZ Update: Everything is built, took a break for dinner... now working on getting OS X installed! http://grab.by/2b4x
  12. awesome news man! I can't wait to get my parts this week. I'm using the same proc, and I'm planning on OC'ing it to around 3.6-3.8ghz.. can't wait to see how well it works! Is there an overclocking guide you're following? These new procs seem much more complicated than overclocking back in my day!
  13. Parts have started showing up. I'll add a group photo when everything gets here.. So far I just have the BFG Tech GTX 275 OC'd Video Card and my Corsair 850w modular power supply... Hope everything else shows up soon. Update: Looks like everything else should arrive on Wednesday!
  14. The install process on that page is pretty straight forward. I'm testing it out tonight on a spare drive I have laying around, but don't have a full system to boot it yet.. obviously. The only thing I see being a post install issue is the video card. ( and my Win 7 Dual boot )
  15. This is my first hackintosh, so I know very very little about what I'm doing. But, I am following this method. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=185097 I'm going to use my MBP with a Sata -> USB drive dock, hope that works...