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  1. FULLY WORKING ATI Mobility HD 2400 10.5.8

    Thank you for help.. In the picture below you can see the title and tools bar in gray scale, that have color graduation not smoth but line by line: Then I have to say that on my asus F3sr I think it has a wrong frequency because looking at top of display I seeing the lcd fastly blinking like on old CRT. I succest if possible to set the frequency to 60Hz. Hope you understand my problems.. Best regards.. P.S. Could my problem associated to missing EDID for my display? Can you explain how to use my EDID on your driver? Thanks again!
  2. FULLY WORKING ATI Mobility HD 2400 10.5.8

    hi vopros-otvet, I tryed your driver with new power managment and it works fine for me, I would thank you for your nice work, but I have a couple of question: 1. How to install the Boot file inside your archive (I put it in /Extra folder only) 2. Now windows and mouse are very smooth in movement and fluidity but I notice that colors are not fine, for example looking at top of window I can see a gray scale (line by line): Could you suggest a solution for this? Do you have the same? Thank you!
  3. FULLY WORKING ATI Mobility HD 2400 10.5.8

    Hi, i used your driver on iPC 10.5.7, it works but mouse and windows movements are slow and the color scale in 32bit is very poor. Note: After updating to 10.5.8 I had no backlight!! Thanks for any helps.
  4. Surfing on the Net I found the attached kext that enable Fn Functions on Asus Keyboard: Work fine: Volume + - (with animation) Volume mute (with animation) Brightness + - (w/o animation) LCD off (w/o animation) Suspend iTunes (Play, Stop, FF, RW) Not Work: Wireless switch - If someone have a best working program please post here. - If someone can edit this to make work other animation/functions please post here. Hope it can help.. AsusHotkeys.zip
  5. Screen Freezes in Lion, Snow with ATI 2xxx,3xxx series

    Could anyone helps for a solution? [@vopros-otvet: did you tryed to make some override for Lion too?]
  6. ATI Mobility HD 2400 (Iago) on Snow Leo 10.6.7 & 10.6.8 Finaly

    Could you suggest me a way to improve the fluidity of the effects (for example, the transition to full screen)? Do you know a way to increase the VRAM viewed by system? (only 3mb are ridiculous). Thank you!
  7. ATI Mobility HD 2400 (Iago) on Snow Leo 10.6.7 & 10.6.8 Finaly

    Oh.. it's a bad news... but do you think this method: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=252061 could work on our Mobility Radeon HD 2400 in 10.6.x? Did you try it? Thank you for the help..
  8. ATI Mobility HD 2400 (Iago) on Snow Leo 10.6.7 & 10.6.8 Finaly

    I make a screenshot of my screen: As you can see my video card has the same device ID of yours. The only "working" kexts I installed is this: ATY Init (lion + snow), but now it views my card as "Radeon HD 2400 XT" with only 3Mb of VRam and I have to boot with GraphicsEnabler=No. Could you help? Thank you!
  9. ATI Mobility HD 2400 (Iago) on Snow Leo 10.6.7 & 10.6.8 Finaly

    Hi, i saw that you solve problems making working Ati mobility radeon HD 2400 on Leopard. I have an Asus F3sr with this card and I've installed Lion 10.7.2; how can i enable qe/ci on this system? do you have a good tip? Thank you!
  10. Hello Everybody, it's my first post, but I am a really long time reader of this forum. I just readed all topics here and other forum, without find a concrete solution. I have an Asus F3sr with an integrated "Ati Mobility Radeon HD 2400". Now i changed resolution to 1280x800x32 editing the org.chamaleon.plist in /Extra folder and for now the only kext that seems to work is this: ATY Init (lion + snow), but it find my card as "Ati Radeon HD 2400 XT" without resolution changing or QE/CI. I attached a full system specification from Everest. Please help me makes this card full working! Thank you! UPDATE: I saw this post where the DeviceID is like mine (0x94c9) and seems works under 10.5.8: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=269185 hope its can be a begin for a Lion capable driver.. any idea? Report.htm
  11. [WORKING]SiS900 Ethernet Driver

    Hi all, it's long time i'm despairing trying to make work this damn SiS900 Network Card on my Asus A2H but as a lot of us i get the FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF mac address after installing the first page kext. when i try to change this mac with the command 'sudo ifconfig en0 ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx' there is no way to change. Configuring the IP manualy the status result Connected but there is no way to surf in internet. If i try to 'ping' (network addr.) i receive reply succesfully; if i try to contact my default router '' it is not reachable. All the rest work perfectly the only problem is the Network Card Could same good soul make a working kext for us?!! or simply gives a solution for our problems? I really want Mac but without network.. please help.. Thank you!