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  1. i'm looking for that patch also.. would like to know if it`s usable on Kalyway 10.5.1 updated to 10.5.3 using Jas. on a Core 2 Quad Q6600.
  2. It seems i might have been abit wrong about the Freeze part.. Basically the fresh install boots into a "Light Blue screen" in about 20-30 minutes... then in another 10-15 i get the nice mouse on the desktop and if i'm lucky after a lil` while the full desktop. The machine moves horribly.. even my 500mhz G4 runs Tiger faster than this Q6600 is running Leopard.. Compared to my other hackintosh , a pentium D 820 ( @ 2,8 ) / p5gz-mx / 2gb ddr2 / GF9600 GT running with no QE/CI support the pentium D can actually move the mouse on the desktop in realtime.. the quad core just cant.. i wonder why.. I've noticed if i have both monitors ( CRT`s hooked up using dvi to vga adapters ) hooked up the desktop is automatically spanned ( extended ) on both monitors.. preatty nice but useless in the current conditions. ( no QE/CI and moving like a G3 dragged by a snail ) All this happens if i boot using Toh kernel, any other kernel will just panic / auto reboot the machine. also i've updated the install to 10.5.3 using jas 10.5.3 updater, and it took around 20 - 30 minutes to extract the zip file and about an hour to actually install the update... you get a bit of what i'm talking about...
  3. That`s with normal http / ftp transfers.. Torrents average at 1100 - 1200 KB/s upload and download ( when the seeds actually have enough speed ). It`s a normal 10/10 Mbit/s ethernet connection + 100mbit/s in town. Main connection costs 10 euros / month and each of the 3 additional 10mbit connections cost 1.5 euros each and come with their own public IP address. Preatty sweet ( main connection - PC1 / second connection PC2 / 3rd and 4th connections = Server ( www.nowlive.ro ) )
  4. System: MB: Asus P5N-E SLI - bios version 801 Cpu: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4 ( default ) MEM: 2x2GB DDR2 800 GPU: Nvidia GF8800 GT 512MB PCI-Ex ( G92 ) OSX HDD: IDE 20GB DVD-R : noname IDE Install: Iatkos 2.0 (10.5.2) using "nforce_core -v" OR " -v -x -f cpus=1 - legacy" options ( GPT + iatkos default kernel )... i've installed the system 4 times now.. each time selecting different Nvidia drivers ( natit / ninject / others ) and kernels and installation was successful each time resulting in the following: Now each time it boots if i add boot flags: -no boot flags - kernel panic -v - kernel panic -v -x - surprisingly kernel does not panic .. but instead it freezes / hangs at " Login window application started " -v -x -f cpus=1 - "Login window app" Personally i suspect the Nvidia drivers are the issue but i cant put my finger on it since i get the same result even if i do not install any of the supplied drivers.. i've also tried kalaway 10.5.1 with the same results. Could someone help ? -- update: 1- i've noticed a " display: family matching failed " line or something similar 2- the installation boots successfuly under Vmware Workstation 6... so it looks like the nvidia drivers might be the issue
  5. X1600 Dual Display Help

    well.. i'm back... for now... still the same problems.. had qe/ci till i installed natit for dual screen.. now it`s dead no more qe/ci for me.. looks like i'll need to reinstall again
  6. X1600 Dual Display Help

    hey there Guedes Jr.. both my monitors work.. vga / dvi.. using either dvi to vga adapter and hooking up a crt monitor or a dvi monitor.. but still in "cloned mode or mirrored" as ati like to call this setup under windows.. Still waiting for a solution for extended desktop on my atix 1600 PCIE either then getting a nvidia card.. thanks.
  7. X1600 Dual Display Help

    Ok.. here it is (it`s in rtf format) wordedit / wordpad should handle it ioreg.rtf
  8. X1600 Dual Display Help

    Hey there, The card is an ASUS EAX1600PRO/TD Series ( More Info at ASUS Website) Using JAS 10.4.7 with SSE3 Patch + X1600 Patch i get Full QE/CI Support on Both Monitors wich work in Mirroring mode.. what i want is Desktop Extension ( if that`s what it`s called ).. The card has 1 VGA and 1 DVI port and i'm using on both outputs CRT Monitors ( DVI>VGA adaptor on the DVI port.. so i can hook up the CRT monitor). I've tryed using dualx1600natit.zip but it doesn`t do anything.. (maby i need a little help with installing this). Also when using Natit installer by Neopheus the card was detected ok and showed Radeon X1600 Series / Radeon X1600 Series Secondary in the PCI_List (System Profiler) but QE/CI were disabled (I did not edit the ATIRadeonX1000* kext`s for that) but the Displays are still in Mirroring Mode.. Also what is interesting is that System profiler outputs Mirrored OFF.. when it does work. System profiler output: (Graphics / Displays) ------------------------------------------------------- Radeon X1600 Series: Chipset Model: Radeon X1600 Series Type: VGA-Compatible Controller Bus: PCIe Slot: PCIEX1_1 VRAM (Total): 256 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x71c2 Revision ID: 0x0000 Displays: VGA Display: Resolution: 1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz Depth: 32-bit Color Core Image: Supported Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Quartz Extreme: Supported Rotation: Supported ------------------------------------------------------- PCI CARDS 1st entry ------------------------------------------------------- display: Type: Other Display Controller Bus: PCI Slot: PCIEX1_1 Vendor ID: 0x1002 Device ID: 0x71e2 Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x1043 Subsystem ID: 0x0145 Revision ID: 0x0000 2nd entry ------------------------------------------------------- Radeon X1600 Series: Name: display Type: VGA-Compatible Controller Bus: PCI Slot: PCIEX1_1 Vendor ID: 0x1002 Device ID: 0x71c2 Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x1043 Subsystem ID: 0x0144 Revision ID: 0x0000