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  1. Thanks for the guide. I was successfully installed 10.10 on SP1. However, the screen is not looking right . It look like it is wash out. It's like white color on top of the screen. Thinks are hard to see. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, everything else works fine except video doesn't play when doing with adobe flash player(all version). Any idea why it doesn't work? when try to play youtube video it said, "plug-in failure". Please help.
  3. Snow Leopard on Gigabyte Mobos

    How to get the Ati Radeon HD 4670 graphic card to work? durring the installation, it mess up the screen.
  4. Hi, guys. Can anyone you tell me how to make the wireless card to work with Mac OSX 10.6.5??? I can't seem to find any solution at all. Thanks.
  5. Hello, i have Asus P5G41T-M LX model and a Dual Core E5300 CPU. My question is it posible to isntall Mac OS X 10.6 Retail DVD ????? Please show me the guideline . Thanks. Please, someone one help me.
  6. Hi, I have P5G41T-M LX motherboard and Dual Core E5300 CPU, will it install? help me. how to install it if i have a retail Mac OS X 10.6 DVD retail.
  7. how to install mac os x 10.6 retail DVD with motherboard = P5G41T-M-LX and intel Dual Core E5300. Please help.. thanks.
  8. The SL is working fine. However the only problem i have is trying to install Cuda 2.3.1, download from nvidia. It will give me error. Pls help.
  9. I have GTX 285, I got error installing the Cuda 2.3.1 from nvidia. Any help???
  10. Snow Leopard on HP 6720s

    Is there a way to install Snow Leopard 10.6 on a HP dv9500 series ??? Please let me know. Thanks.
  11. I've try everything in your guidelines and it is still not working. This is what i have: 1. Asus p6t deluxe v2 bios version = 0707 2. 6GB RAM 3. 2 x Nvidia GTX 285 SLI 4. Retail Snow Leopard DVD 5. 2 x SATA HD (the one i'm trying to install is locate at SATA 0) 2nd HD is SATA 1) 6. 1 x SATA DVD locate slot SATA 2 7. Intel i7 920 2.66Ghz Please help me how to do the installation. THanks.