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  1. You know apple knows you pirated when...

    Who cares!!! really who cares about the EULA!! Ive got a G4, a G5, a macbook, a macbook pro, an iphone 3gs and Ive built myself a quad Hac and Im buying an iPad next week (ive also had a G3 and a Ti powerbook), I think Ive given apple enough cash (and will probably continue to do so) to be able to install OS X on one of my computers thats not a frigging apple branded one. Take your moral high ground and cram it
  2. Yup. just downloaded the 10.6.1 update and thats failing (really quickly) too Edit: As in im trying to update the "working" install
  3. Tried both ways, same result, just installed some third party software and that installed fine :S weird
  4. It verifies installation files then starts to write files and then part way through that it fails cheers
  5. Ahhhhhhh yes i am, I'll go try that right now cheers Nope didnt work, same result, Faaaaiiiiillll! the plot thickens cheers
  6. Hi all So Ive built my studio hackintosh: OSX 10.6.0 (installed from mounted DMG via myhack) vanilla kernel Asus P5k Premium Black Pearl Edition Q8200 (Q9550 on its way) 8600GT 1gb 4gb Kingston Hyper X 1066 (2x2gb) 1GB WD Green HDD (2 partitions) I had an install on both partitions of my harddrive, On the one I was using I upgraded via Software Update to 10..6.3 and broke it, tried all the suggestions I could find and nothing worked. So I formatted the partition and moved to the other one. Ive fixed the DSDT and Im using a few Kexts, I can boot in 64bit if i want to(i stay in 32bit tho) and mostly everything is working fine apart from one massive problem: I cant install OSX on the other partition, ive followed this guide: http://osx86sv.wordpress.com/2009/09/04/ho...asus-p5-series/ Which worked great before but now I just get " Installation failed there were errors blah blah blah" how helpful that message is. Ive tried I couple of different ways and get the same result. Im also getting this when installing Logic Studio from dvd and I would guess other installer based apps. Ive downloaded Universal Snow leopard 3.5 and burnt it to a dvd, when i try to boot to that I get to the Darwin loading page the grey apple flashing up and the computer restarts.(i have a sata drive in the post but im using a ide with a sata convertor at the mo) I have a couple of usb drives (both powered and bus powered) with OSX Install dmgs restored to them and one with an OSX install on it, but I cant boot to them as a get memory allocation errors and one about deadbeef. I have a usb flash boot drive that boots to chameleon, but when selecting my main drive (the only drive i can select BTW) i comes back with a cant find mach kernel error. When I boot to my main chameleon bootloader on my working(somewhat) osx drive It only shows the main drive as selectable. All of this my good people is driving me nuts, anybody got any ideas? and info ive left out? Many thanks in advance Matt
  7. How is osx86 pronounced?

    I say oss ex 86
  8. Best beer

    Greenking IPA