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  1. ok i got it... its working now woohoo i made an GUID (check "options" button under the partition frame) Partition with Disk Tool from DVD Setup after that i have chosen .. combo update nvinject for graphic (8600gt) for sound I took ALL legacy HDA Drivers also cmos reset, fakesmc, smbios, x11 (but you can install that after that) so thats it after that i had to enable my video card with EFI String (just search in the forum) kk hop e i helped you after i helped myself :censored2:
  2. Hi Everyone, In cause of my "newbieness" I stuck with 10.6.2 Hazard on my PC had tried several combinations of drivers by reading info boxes and the forum of course the google search for my board doesnt give me any useful information these are the last things i selected before copying osx to hdd My Setup: H4zard 10.6.2 DvD Combo Update to 10.6.2 PC EFi 10.5 MoBo: GA X38 DS5 (alc889a (used the equal driver from menu), realtek 8111b (no driver selected yet)) CPU: Q6600 Videocard: 8600 GT (used graphic enabler) Ok. After installing OS X the bootmanager is booting osx an shiny apple appears looks nice yet but after 10 seconds I "have to restart my computer bla" So before i get nuts.. is there anyone who can help me plz?