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  1. [edit 1] - I think that the sound chip set is an ATI 791A, but I'm not completely sure. I'm not completely sure of the make and model, I can look around. On the Dell site, it only states "Integrated Sound 5.1" It's a Dell Inspiron 5.1. I think the sound crackling might be caused by an IIRC conflict? I remember working with IIRC before, but my knowledge is very little. What might be a possible cause for this? I'm on a Dell Inspiron 546. Thanks for any assistance!
  2. edit 2 - I just needed to change the value of enableHwCursor to <false/> in the info.plist file, and that resolved my problem. edit 1 - I think the problem might be hardware acceleration. I tried adding this into the Info.plist file: <string>HardwareAcceleration</string> <key>NO</key> But that didn't do anything. How might I disable hardware acceleration? ATI Radeon HD 3200 I posted a topic similar to this, but I think it would be more fit to use the forum, as it's an ATI card. I'm using ATI Radeon HD 3200. My cursor looks like this: (Actual link: http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/3913/cursorproblem.png) What could be the potential problem? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I receive this error when trying to search (on the forums) There was an error processing the request. Please go back and try again, or contact an administrator for assistance. connection to unix:///var/socketproxy/insanelymac.com/searchd:0 failed (errno=2, msg=No such file or directory) I'm using Ubuntu on this computer (I prefer Gentoo), I'll go try on a different computer. edit 1 - I assumed that it wasn't an error for the operating system, but instead for the server, and I think that's correct. I tried on another computer with the same error. I'll use Google haha.
  4. I successfully installed iAtkos v7. I went ahead and installed the RadeonHD kext, and restarted. The performance improved as well as my desired screen resolution. However, the mouse cursor now looks like this: (Actual link: http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/3913/cursorproblem.png) It's the blurred spot on the screen. (Even though most of the picture might seem blurred, haha) I'm using an ATI Radeon HD 3200 card Another problem different from above: I installed iAtkos v7 before, and I was able to connect to the Internet (on the same computer) I think I did something different in the install, because now it doesn't detect a device to connect to the Internet. How could I troubleshoot this? The only thing that it says on the hardware list for the ethernet controller is: 10/100 Ethernet LAN on system board Thanks for any assistance!
  5. Thanks again for the reply! I think I'll try that again. I went ahead and installed Winblows because OSX wasn't working quite as well as I wanted to, but I'll try this again. I'll partition and hopefully will be able to get everything working well.
  6. Thanks for the reply! Ahh I see, that's pretty nice then. What about the other issue in my post? About the screen resolution. Could that possibly be the graphics card or what else could be causing the low resolution?
  7. Sorry about double posting, but I would really like a solution. I don't want to stick with Winblows, but if I'm using OSX it would be nice for good performance. I fixed the resolution problem, but the performance was still pretty bad and it looked stretched. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! [edit 1] - I assume that it recognizes the graphics card, but the performance is not too great.
  8. iAtkos v7 installed pretty much perfect, without many problems. My sound does work, however it's very raspy and doesn't sound too great. OSX also does not detect my microphone. I'm using a Dell Inspiron 546 for this setup. Also, on the "About this Mac" it shows an Intel prossessor, however I'm using an AMD Sempron series. Why would that happen? I'm wondering about the HD 3200 as I want to increase my screen resolution, but it's stuck on 1024x768. Thanks for any help!
  9. Why Ubuntu

    Honestly, I prefer Gentoo over Ubuntu. I will admit, the Software Center on 9.10 is a nice concept for quickly finding fun content.
  10. The Apple iPad is released

    The iPad looks interesting, I look forward to developing content for it.
  11. It's potentially a graphics problem. Try booting with -v or -v -x and see if the same problem occurs. If you're using Chameleon, you can press tab, or just start typing for the boot prompt.
  12. Thanks for the reply! I'm using Kalyway Intel_AMD 10.5.2. I've tried the following options (\n represents a different attempt) -v -x -v -v -x platform=X86PC -v -x platform=AHCI etc etc etc What might I be able to try? How could I find out the other information you asked for?
  13. I'm sorry about double posting, but I could really use some help. I posted later on in the night, and my thread will probably move to page 2 while I'm gone today. I'm pretty sure that I'm using a SATA HDD and a SATA DVD disk drive. I've looked around in my bios for AHCI, and I cannot seem to find anything. Does anyone know what might not be correct? edit 1 - I also partitioned my hard drive, and formatted the new partition to HTS+
  14. I was able to successfully installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on a Gateway notebook without any problems. I modified a Dell Insprion 546 to make it much more powerful than the Gateway notebook. I've tried almost everything, and countless hours of going through Google. What are possible solutions to troubleshoot this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!