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  1. same here. onboard sVGA video only, can't set wide resolution. Bought geforce 8400 GS and it solve problem. 10.6 Retail install (updates till 10.6.2) based on amd_kernel with flags -s (otherwise Can't initialize disk cache error) then in single mode "mount -uw /" and "exit" only 32bit mode changing kernel to pcj 1.0 work only in 32bit or in 64bit with -force64 flag. In 64bit mode 32bit apps crashing. In 32bit is only 32bit, nothing 64. Phenom II x4 965 as Intel Core 2 Solo with 1 CPU x 4 cores 8Gb RAM 2x4 (5Gb reserved, strange, may be because of 32bit only) Audio AppleAzalia installer, cracky sound. in 32 bit no volume level, in 64bit volume level is Ok, but same cracky sound. Spotlight still crashing. 7100 Geekbench on 32bit 8300 on 64bit. Need to arrange better sound. Gigabyte announce alc889a, but it is shown as 885.
  2. Emergency! Kext screwed!

    shure, but normaly is looking like file. sudo rm kextcache change nothing. could you give us some solution?
  3. Emergency! Kext screwed!

    me too, today i've find my kext files looks like folders and after reboot it not change. VIRUS???? Help!!!!!
  4. hi i have same... did you find some solution???
  5. Help with video problem..

    hi. i have the same problem like they... with r100 i'd use forum search, google too . But no luck to find some solution. Please, tell me, where is this paradise. muchas gracias.