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  1. Hello all, I have been reading this resource so much and it has been so helpful in getting my OSx86 setup going. Now, I have a problem. I recently changed from a Toshiba P300-150 to P300-19P. http://uk.computers....DUCT_ID=1055914 http://ie.computers....ODUCT_ID=150580 On the 150 iAtoks v7 worked. I could get it installed after some trial and error but it would work consistently when I needed to install it. With the 19P I got it working to a familiar stage which was that the display looked more like static from an old TV set. Then I got it working on the next reinstall. So far it was just like the old 150, a bit of trial and error. At some point during these installations I realised that I had installed on a logical partition so I had to F8 the CD and rd=disk#s# to get it booted. Then I reinstalled again on an active partition and it has never worked. I have gone between the old partition I used and the new active one so many times but it refuses to work now for some reason. When I say it does not work: Installation is fine Reboot is fine (when on active partition) But all I get is the Apple logo and the stop sign which I think is Kernal Panic? I did a -v boot and it stopped at the Firewire not being able to find device memory or something similar. I believe my FW device is an O2 micro of some sort. Win7 doesnt name it. ven_1217 any use? I just can not figure out why I can not get it installed again. I was hoping that some guys here could take a look at the above system specs for the 19P and say what I need to select? I have been days at this. Very frustrating. For my needs I could have lived with the F8 rd=disk#s# method. I must be one setting in the installation. My BIOS has only has "Compatibility" and "AHCI" as options in a setting. That is the only relavant thing in my BIOS ARRGH! For the record: iAtkos S3 fails outright from the DVD. I get a Mac version of blue scree. iAtkos L2 does not boot into installation from DVD. All I get is the apple logo. I will get this topic posted now but if the system specs arent enough I will post whats needed up. Many thanks, A4
  2. Hey. Im in desperate need of help because I dont know what I did so I cant search for it. I think I totally messed up while installing. I have a small unknown partition Vista partition OSX partiton When installing OSX with Iatkos v7 I, for some reason, went to the tool bar at the top of the screen and went to Chameleon installer. Then I installed it on my Vista partition and now when I use the Vista Boot CD that you can download it cant find Vista to fix its boot loader. When I go to command prompt I can use diskpart I can see the partitions but when I try to make the Vista one active it says it cant find a windows installation. Im at a total loss as to what to do. Sorry for hijacking the thread. EDIT: From within OSX and in Disk Utility the partition that used to be called Vista is now callded disk0s2 or something like that. It can not be mounted.