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  1. Thank you for yout answer, Johnsock. I will write here my experience for sure, but it will not be soon. Just two more things: 1. What do you think, is it better for me to integrate SATA drivers with nLite, and install that version, or it doesn't matter (standard XP x64 is fine)? 2. In case I can't make AHCI working, will blu-ray playback be fine? I'm asking this because my plan is (later) to buy blu-ray drive from MSI, and as you probably know, I can't watch it on Mac, only on Windows via Bootcamp. Cheers!
  2. Hi All, First I want to thank everyone involved into this solution. I have one question, so I just need someone's opinion (looks that Johnsock knows a lot of things about AHCI). Let's get to the point: I'm expectind new Mac Pro in about a month (well, in a country I'm living, you must wait almost 2 month for BTO configuration). I will have 2 hard drives, and my plan is to keep Mac OS on first one, and fully reformat second one and install XP x64. I know the story about drivers, but I will give it a try, so please don't turn this into discussion about XP x64 and better alternatives. I like it, I'm using it every day at work, I have a legal version, so I don't see any reason why not to try. So, my question is now obvious: Can someone tell me is there any chance that I can make AHCI working on Mac Pro 2010 with XP x64 on a separate (full) drive? Even a good guess is fine, or some directions. Just keep in mind that I'm not an expert, but I consider my knoledge about Windows more than solid. Thank you all, cheers!
  3. QE problem on some Radeons investigations

    That was my idea long time ago. But I never had any success. Any my maximum "programming" skills are plist editing. Also, during one test, my motherboard died, and it was really hard (and not cheap) to find and buy the same mobo. Probably it didn't die because of that test, but I'm scarred from that point anyway.