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  1. Intel i7 busratio Guide

    You can modify com.apple.Boot.plist in Extras folder to make it a permanant patch. Search around for modding that file for more detailed instructions. What chipset is your mobo?
  2. Booted iAtkos v 7 with following boot command: busratio=12 Below is the customizations I made in iAtkos: 9.7 Kernel Voodoo AHCI (optional, see voodoo deteails if you want this enabled) Remove TYMCE Intel Sata/IDE VoodooPS2 w/Trackpad (for multitouch, apple works fine too) Remove all Sound drivers Remove all video drivers Disabler DSDT (optional, see voodoo details if you want this enabled) OHR Extra dir Chameleon v2 Laptop Battery Make sure you continue to boot with busratio=12 until you can access terminal. Once in terminal you can edit /Library/Preferences/ System Configuration/com.Apple.boot.plist and set the kernel string to busratio=12. Upgrade OSX to 10.5.8 this is required to get video driver working. Install 18.5.2f16_quadro_mac_osx.dmg (can be obtained from NVidia website) Install Enabler_for_Nvidia_and_multiple_ATI_cards.pkg (attached) You may get an error when running the NVidia installer saying you have the wrong version. If that is the case, right click on pkg and go to Contents. If you look around in the package and bin folders you should see three seperate pkgs. Install each one individually. Then reboot. You should now have QE enabled + 1366 x 768 resolution. Next is audio driver, you will need to obtain Kext Helper (google around its everywhere). Using the attached AppleHDA.kext.zip, unarchive it then install the kext file with kext helper. You should have audio working now as well. I advise against updating to voodoo 9.8 because the Audio driver kernel panics with that kernel. Instead, wait for vooDooHDA to work with the ALC272 chipset. No support for wireless or ethernet drivers, I had to buy a USB dongle for wifi. Bluetooth works great. everyone is waiting for intel wifi 5300 and 5100 =/ AppleHDA.kext.zip Enabler_for_Nvidia_and_multiple_ATI_cards.pkg.zip
  3. Intel i7 busratio Guide

    It's bundled with a package called iAtkos (you probably want version 7). The actually kernel itself is hosted at http://code.google.com/p/xnu-dev/
  4. Intel i7 busratio Guide

    No need to shout =P . Try just busratio=12, without cpus. Also does your bios have any settings available for hypthreading?
  5. CPUS=1 BUSRATIO=20 i7 no cores HELL

    Hey RANDUMBNAME, I got your PM saying its still not working =( . What kernel are you running? Try just using busratio=12 no cpus specification. Also check that hyperthreading is enabled in your bios.
  6. CPUS=1 BUSRATIO=20 i7 no cores HELL

    Try the solution here. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=209094
  7. CPUS=1 BUSRATIO=20 i7 no cores HELL

    RANDUMBNAME, try my guide on this issue. . Chako, try specifying busratio=12 on boot. If that does not work, its possible your kernel panic may be caused by another problem =(
  8. Edit: This issue seems to mostly effect Intel PM55 chipsets I'm seeing many comments stating that i7 users must use "cpus=1 busratio=20" for installation and boot up of OSX. Then, people are getting reboot issues when they remove these boot options even after patching DSDT (which isn't necessary if you're on Voodoo 9.7). Well, if your getting reboot issues after an install and you have removed all your boot options, then busratio is mandatory for you to specify. Remember the i7 has no front side bus, so how can we calculate the bus ratio? We don't, we just use the clock multiplier That is probably why OSX is forcing us to provide it. Thanks to wikipedia, we have these values in a nice table. Just look at the MULT column for your i7 type (may need to scroll up) List of i7 Multipliers So, for example, to boot an i7-720QM with all 8 cores active under Voodoo 9.7 (if you're running into reboot issues) your boot options would be "busratio=12". You may optionally specify "cpus=8" in addition to busratio. To make this permanent, you have to edit a string file in com.apple.Boot.plist . To edit open up a terminal and type: sudo pico /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist and find the following string: <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string></string> Change to (change busratio value to match your i7 version): <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>busratio=12</string> Your i7 rig should boot without reboot issues and all 8 cores active (yay!). Some people purposely set the busratio higher, although I'm not sure it would provide any performance gains at the OS level.